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Born in 1964, my Father was a great jazz musician so I grew up listening to what a real piano sounds like every day. I became a rock bass and guitar player in my teens, I played in a band for 10 years before declaring art my true calling. I have been married and living in NYC for 18 years with my wife, and my two sons Jake 10, Jordan 6. Of course, after receiving my first REAL paycheck, I went straight to the local high-end shop and simply signed it over to them. There have been many twists and turns, more dead ends than I care to admit, but the evolution of my system has landed me in the enviable spot of out growing my nervosa. I am very happy with the sound I have but remain infinitely curious of all things audio. My getting into the audio journalism world happened quite by accident. A chance encounter at an audio salon with a writer quickly cured into a fast friendship. His encouragement led to my submision of a review and the rest is history. Over the last 15 years my work has appeared in Ultimate Audio, Ultra, and The Absolute Sound.

						Analog Front End
Triangle Art Signature Turntable Behold Phono preamp Ikeda labs IT-407-CR1 tone arm Arm. Ikeda Cartridge
						Digital Front End
Krell Connect Streamer DAC
Pass labs XA200.5 Mono amplifiers Pass Labs XP-20 preamp
Skogrand SC Air Markarian 421 Speaker wire and interconnects Sunny Power Distributor Sunny power chords
Lansche 4.1 speakers
						Home Theater
Stein Music Harmonizers
						Room Treatment
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