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CAS7 Exhibitor Profile: Bricasti Design

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Publisher’s note: This is a part of a series of pre-CAS7 articles we have prepared for our readers. Enjoy!

Questionnaire created by Dan Rubin, copy editor.

Respondent: Brian Zolner, Bricasti Design.

(Bricasti Design extends its apology to attendees as although it had paid for the Exhibit Room, last-minute circumstances are preventing it from coming to the show.  -Pub.)


What’s the “elevator speech” description of your company?

We make some of the finest modern audio products, all made in the USA at our own manufacturing facilities near Boston, even own and run 4 CNC machines to do all our part fabrication and design in house.


What makes your company and products special – how do they stand out from the pack?

Their design and performance which we feel are some of the best in the industry.


Which of your products do you plan to demonstrate at CAS 2017?

M28 power amps, M15 power amp, M1SE, M1 LE Dacs, M12 Source Contoller, M5 Network Player.


Which sorts of CAS attendees should be interested to see and hear the products you will be demonstrating – and why?

We expect to see people that have heard about our products and want to hear them first hand or maybe ones that have not and it is our chance to give them a great sound experience.


What do you like most about exhibiting at smaller, regional audio shows such as CAS 2017?

We like to meet the users and many of them cannot afford the time and warrant the expense to go to the larger shows, so we support shows like this.


In your product space, what are you most excited about in terms of technology and market trends?

Networking audio with our M12, and M5 products.


Assuming you had the resources, what product would you like to create?

A complete new reference digital audio recording, editing and playback system that would set a new real standard in how music is recorded and delivered to the user.

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