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Forum FAQ

Registering / Log In

  • Registration Process
    – At the Dagogo Forum Registration Page, you will need to create a user name, enter a valid email address, do a math equation (spam preventer) and click the Register Button. Shortly there after you will receive and email that will contain your randomly generated forum password. Make sure to check your spam filter if you don’t see the Dagogo Forum registration email.
  • Log In
    – Initially there are two ways to login. One way is on the registration page right after you have registered. The second, and the way you will login from here forward, is with the “Log In” button found on the right side below the site header/navigation of the Dagogo Forum Main Page. This will open up a drop down box where you will enter your user name and password. Click the “Remember Me Button” if you would like your browser to remember your user name and password which will auto log you in next time you visit the site.
  • Remember Me Button
    – Click the “Remember Me Button” if you would like your browser to remember your user name and password. This will auto log you in next time you visit the Dagogo Forum.
  • Profile Page
    – The first time you Log In you will be redirected to your Profile Page. By click on one of the buttons on the left side, you will be able to edit your profile, Avatar, Identities (facebook, twitter, type links). Under Account Settings you will be able to reset your password to a new one. (This will not be emailed to you.)

Making A Forum Post

  • Your First Post
    – Once you have found a forum to post in, or a to reply to, use the “Add Topic” or “Add Reply” or “Quote” buttons. The “Add Topic” button will add a new sub-top to a forum. This will only show when you browsing a sub-forum. The “Add Reply” button will add a reply to an already existing forum topic. This will only show when you are instead a topic thread. The “Quote” button will allow you to reply to a specific post with the contents of that post preloaded into your editor in block quotes.
  • – You maybe asked to do another math equation to make your first post. This is another spam prevention measure and it will only appear a few times.

Adding Media to Forum Post

  • Attaching an Image
    – Below your post editor, click the “Attachments” button. This will open a drop down file uploader. To attached your image, click “Add Files”, browse to your file, once selected, click the “Start Upload” button. This will add your image to where ever your curser was last set in your post editor.
  • Youtube Videos
    – Paste URL link directly into post. The embed iframe will not work, use the link from your browsers address bar.

Profile Page

  • Modified Signature Not Saving
    – Change your sig, click Reset Signature, than click Save Signature

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