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Dagogo Forum General Guideline

The Dagogo Forum is created to provide a platform within the audiophile community for sharing experiences and viewpoints about all things audio in which civility is upheld.

What the Forum is for:

1. Product Reviews;
2. Show Reports;
3. Postings on industry trends;
4. Your opinion of products (user or not);
5. All things audio.

The Dagogo Staff and Moderators will not intervene in the activities of participants in the exception of the following behaviors and postings:

1. Insults directed towards another individual or company;
2. Use of profanity or racial epithets;
3. Obscene, pornographic content;
4. Promotion of illegal activities;
5. Duplicate content, post;
6. Advertisement or spam;
7. Posts that rehashes arguments that have already received previous attention.

Industry Guideline

Members of the Audio Industry and its affiliates are encouraged to respond to comments about their product. This is the opportunity to inform and set the record straight, and the utmost degree in civility is mandatory in your responses. Please observe the following guideline:

1. All postings by members of the Audio Industry and its affiliates must have a filled out signature declaring: a) name of company; b) official title; c) website address; d) e-mail or phone number. Industry postings with incomplete signature disclosure are subject to removal;
2. Postings on product sales are prohibited;
3. Advertising links or linked advert images are prohibited.

Please use the contact us page for any specific questions regarding Forum policies and guidelines.

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