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2019 Axpona: Doug Schroeder Reports, Part 2

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Also see Part 1

Room 1418: One sweet…

Room 1418: ...setup together!

Room 1418: …setup together!

Room 1429: Predictably Punctiliar Panels

Room 1229: Awesomely cute! Gift idea!

Room 606: Best effort OB from Spatial to date, nice pairing electronics

Room 678: Raven’s doing speakers. Difficult room, music too loud, but speaker nice option at price point

Room 674: Take your pick; “not my cup of tea” or “no comment”

Room 654: Freakishly, outlandishly capable! (From what I’ve heard) Top 3 of show.

Room 496: (sorry, poor image; no Pro camera) good pairing for Smooth sound; I would work with the cables


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5 Responses to 2019 Axpona: Doug Schroeder Reports, Part 2

  1. Jim D says:

    The Tri-Art is wonderful stuff. I enjoyed it at the Toronto show.

  2. alan trahern says:

    Okay, I give…WTF is “puntiliar”?

  3. Alan,
    God’s Joy,

    Ah, a typo; I meant punctiliar, emphasizing the time domain and how Sanders speakers are always set up just so, optimum in a small spot, thus the line of chairs, in order to demo.

    Douglas Schroeder

    • Really don’t think that’s the right word (punctiliar) to use here, coherent may be better suited to describe in-phase reproduction of panels. Electrostatic transducers because they are highly directive lessen secondary reflections greatly which accounts for a small sweet spot. The good news is one can only be in one spot at any given moment in time when perceiving sound reproduction.The room acoustics have less influence on mid-range and high freq reproduction as a result.

  4. andre d says:

    how about a full review of the tri-arts? thanks for your consideration.

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