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2019 Axpona: Doug Schroeder Reports, Part 2

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Also see Part 1

Room 1418: One sweet…

Room 1418: ...setup together!

Room 1418: …setup together!

Room 1429: Predictably Punctiliar Panels

Room 1229: Awesomely cute! Gift idea!

Room 606: Best effort OB from Spatial to date, nice pairing electronics

Room 678: Raven’s doing speakers. Difficult room, music too loud, but speaker nice option at price point

Room 674: Take your pick; “not my cup of tea” or “no comment”

Room 654: Freakishly, outlandishly capable! (From what I’ve heard) Top 3 of show.

Room 496: (sorry, poor image; no Pro camera) good pairing for Smooth sound; I would work with the cables


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4 Responses to 2019 Axpona: Doug Schroeder Reports, Part 2

  1. Jim D says:

    The Tri-Art is wonderful stuff. I enjoyed it at the Toronto show.

  2. alan trahern says:

    Okay, I give…WTF is “puntiliar”?

  3. Alan,
    God’s Joy,

    Ah, a typo; I meant punctiliar, emphasizing the time domain and how Sanders speakers are always set up just so, optimum in a small spot, thus the line of chairs, in order to demo.

    Douglas Schroeder

  4. andre d says:

    how about a full review of the tri-arts? thanks for your consideration.

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