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2019 Axpona: Doug Schroeder Reports, Part 1

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Also see Part 2

Nirvana B: Classic Line Source sound, but with power

Utopia A: Legacy Val… er, V! Valor sold just before show! Qobuz on demo.

Utopia B: BIG!

Utopia B: BOLD! Sitting silent

Atrium: Winner, most complicated power and system setup

Room 384: Affordable excellence

Room 366: Van Alstine upping his game

Room 358: Impressive DIY-oriented system. A favorite.

Alexander: I’ll take two of these, please!

Room 1640: Rowland and Vivid; most erudite small rig demo

Room 1644: Dominant; challenges VAC and Von Schweikert

Room 1604: Pure Audio Project with eye appeal!

Room 1405: GET A DISTRIBUTOR FOR THESE! Then I can review. Maggie mashers.


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2 Responses to 2019 Axpona: Doug Schroeder Reports, Part 1

  1. Ostap says:

    All show reports, except for a rare few, from all those covering the show -not just Dagogo – can be placed in the ” if you have to ask about the price you probably can’t afford it ” category. I understand the need to showcase the best of what a manufacturer has to offer. That the show venues cannot come close to what any of these systems will sound like in real homes is a given. Thus ” best sounding show systems” is gilding the lily. So for me show reports will be taken with a large lump of salt – about 100K’s worth…

  2. Ostap,
    God’s Peace,
    Thank you for your comment. I can appreciate your perspective, as someone who was a budget audiophile for the majority of my life. If you research the gear shown in my report you will find it ranges across the price spectrum.

    Douglas Schroeder

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