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Robert Schussel

I am a retired Market Researcher (consumer research for Fortune 500 companies) who enjoys listening to classical music especially chamber music. Most days I am able to sit in my favorite chair positioned at the sweet spot and listen to my system for an hour or two. I have always had a soft spot for electrostatic /ribbon speakers. Many years ago I heard a pair of large Apogee speakers and got hooked on them. When I finally had a listening room that was appropriate I purchased a pair of the MartinLogan Spire electrostatic speakers. Since then I upgraded to the company’s Montis and recently preordered a pair of their newest speakers, the ESL 13a Expression. Listening room My listening room is 15ft by 26 ft with a 11 foot ceiling. One of the long walls contains has windows running the length of the wall and the other long wall has an opening 15 feet wide (and 9 feet high) . The room is very lively as the walls are fairly bear. My listening chair is in the center of the room.

						Analog Front End

						Digital Front End
Esoteric K01X
Krell Phantom III preamplifier McIntosh 601 monoblocks
Wireworld Gold Eclipse 6 interconnects and speaker cables Wireworld Gold Electra 5.2 power cable Wireworld Platinum Electra power cable
Martin Logan ESL 13a Expression

						Home Theater

PS Audio P5 power conditioner
						Room Treatment
ASC IsoThermal TubeTraps
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