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HeadAmp Pico Power Portable Headphone Amplifier Review

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HeadAmp Pico Power Portable Headphone Amplifier


The Pico Power was my first experience in using a portable amplifier with the iPod Touch. Justin Wilson and his company HeadAmp have built a stellar reputation for building some of the very best portable and desktop amplifiers in the industry. After spending the last three months with the Pico Power I can fully understand why the company and the man have built a cult following. The Pico Power is priced at $475 for the amplifier. As mentioned above, it comes in an attractive custom designed leather case, and the chassis is well-built, very durable and built to last.

The price for the amplifier is what many will consider on the high side for a portable amplifier. The 9V batteries can be expensive; but rechargeable batteries will lower the cost to run the amplifier. The sound in my opinion justified the asking price.

The Pico Power also can be used as a small desktop for the office, dormitory or your bedside rig. I spent a few nights using it for a bedside rig when I was away on road trips. I can see some people taking them to college dorms or for use at work in the office.

The Pico Power delivers big sound from such a small footprint. If you want the very best sound that can be obtained from a portable source you should strongly consider the Pico Power. The time spent with the Pico Power made my listening sessions at the gym more enjoyable and provided me with hours of dynamic and very enjoyable music. Justin Wilson’s reputation for building great products is well deserved and the Pico Power is highly recommended. Musicality at its finest. Available also at HeadRoom.

HeadAmp Pico Power Portable Headphone Amplifier

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  1. baka1969 says:

    Another good review. Keep it up.

  2. MacedonianHero says:

    Great write up Frank! Looking forward to hearing this beauty soon.


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