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Legacy Audio Xtreme XD Subwoofer Review

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Upcoming “Super-system” review

I could go on at length regarding the magical pairing of the Kingsound King Tower omnidirectional speaker, but as it is discontinued, the description is of limited value. However, this week I took a road trip to Legacy Audio to pick up my Whisper DSW speakers, which had a Radical Speakerectomy; the wiring stripped and replaced with Clarity Cable’s 10 Ga internal wiring, Clarity Capacitors, and the hot new Air Motion drivers! I expected this speaker system to show off on the top end with the new drivers. What I did not expect was the sea change in bass!

The LF material was phenomenally colorful! One scarcely realizes how impoverished most audio system bass playback is until confronted by a super-performance system. It is astonishing how many “thuds” and one dimensional slams are actually well rounded, tuneful notes at a frequency beneath the capabilities of most speakers. These come out as pops or bursts, not proper notes. When one finally hears the richness, the intactness of the bass line there is an overwhelming sense of loss as the realization sets in that for all these years, so much has been bound by the limitations of the speaker system.

It reminds me of a true story of a laborer whose wife squirreled away lots of money such that when he retired they had millions! When they were well past prime she finally revealed their wealthy status. His reaction was priceless; he was angry that the best days of their life were past – what would they do with the money as invalids? Similarly, one almost feels as though something has been stolen from them when hearing how long they have inadvertently excised such a rousing element of the music. My reaction was a visceral, “Never again!”


Rajaton, a Finnish a cappella ensemble which sings a wide variety of musical styles (the word rajaton means “boundless”), is captivating to hear since it strikes the ear like a “micro-choir” and there is far more interplay than a quartet, though there are only two more singers. Weighty bass with rich tonality is what I was treated to in “Butterfly” from Boundless, and “Under Pressure” from Rajaton Sings Queen. I have heard low end in my room from the likes of the Chapman Audio T-77, Raven Studio Ebb, Wharfdale Opus 2-3 towers with matching SW380 Subwoofers, Tannoy Glenair 15” Dual-concentric, Wilson Benesch Curve, and Von Schweikert VR-4 SR MkII. None of them render bass vocals, acoustic bass, or percussion with fecundity approaching the XTREME XD.

The XTREME XD is meritorious in its own right, a superb choice for a highly resolving, high power subwoofer in either a fine two channel system or an HT experience. I have no fear of recommending it, save for the tweaky positioning I prefer. Just as the Daedalus Ulysses and BOW combination brought forth a synergy superior to each speaker driver’s capacity, so also there is something yet more wonderful in store for those interested in the XTREME XD subwoofer. When it is paired with the new Whisper DSW “Clarity Edition,” the two become a Super-Speaker system, something precious in the world of high end audio! If you have a hankering for big-boy bass done up right, give Legacy a call to arrange to hear the XTREME XD at a local demonstration site. In addition, if you are considering a cost-no-object speaker system, hold on a bit longer until the proper description of the Whisper/XTREME XD combination is published. It will be worth the wait.

Associated Components:

Source: Simaudio Moon Evolution 750D DAC/Player; Cambridge Audio 840C; Denon 2900 Universal Player; Sonos Digital Music System; Oppo DV-970HD
NAS: Buffalo Linkstation 500G
DAC: Eastern Electric Minimax DAC Plus with Burson and Dexa NewClassD Discrete Opamp Upgrade
Preamp: VAC Renaissance Signature Preamplifier MkII; Purity Audio Design Silver Statement; Cambridge Audio 840E
Amps: VAC Phi 200; Pass Labs XA160.5 Monos; Jones Audio PA-M300-1-2 Monoblocks; Cambrige Audio Azur 840W
Integrated: Pathos Classic One MkIII stereo tube hybrid (two units bridged to mono); Peachtree Audio Nova
Speakers: King’s Audio Kingsound King; Kings Audio Kingsound King II; Legacy Audio Whisper DSW “Clarity Edition”; Kings Audio King Tower Omnidirectional; Daedalus Audio Ulysses; Eminent Technology LFT-8b
Subwoofers: Daedalus Audio BOW
IC’s: Clarity Cable Organic RCA/XLR; Tara Labs RSC Air1 series 2; Wireworld Equinox; Wireworld Silver Eclipse; Wireworld Platinum Eclipse
Speaker Cables: Clarity Cable Organic Speaker; Tara Labs RSC Air1; Wireworld Equinox 5; Wireworld Silver Eclipse
Digital Cables: Clarity Cable Organic Digital; Tara Labs RSC Air 75; Wire World Startlight 6; Wireworld Gold Starlight 5, Wireworld Gold Starlight 6
Power Cables: Clarity Cable Vortex; MIT Oracle ZIII; Tara Labs RSC Air; Xindak PF-Gold; Wireworld Stratus 5, Electra 5 and Silver Electra
Power Conditioning: Wireworld Matrix Power Cord Extender; Tara Labs ISM Power Screen; Tice Audio Solo

One Response to Legacy Audio Xtreme XD Subwoofer Review

  1. timothy cann says:

    Hello Mr.Schroeder, i appreciate the time you put into reviewing ,as well as your descriptions. I am about to purchase a legacy system (whisper xd with clarity cable upgrade/a.m.t tweeters,marquis center,(8)Phantom hd’s and (2) ???subs). Yamaha cx-a5000 11ch processor and (2) sunfire tga-7401 amps.While i have thoroughly enjoyed your Whisper Clarity edition update;i was really looking forward to your description of the legacy xtreme xd sub paired with them;as stated in both reviews of xtreme xd and whisper D.S.W. I am interested in using the legacy sub but may go another direction.Any insight/advise would be appreciated.

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