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Allnic Verito Z Cartridge Review

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Let’s start by talking about the top-end of the Verito, it is very well extended. It is also extremely airy and lacy with wonderful sparkle. There are several instruments I always listen for when evaluating the way equipment are reproducing the treble. If I’m listening to jazz, I listen for how the cymbals sound. The cymbals are very telling about the quality of the upper registries of a system. They should have plenty of sparkle and shimmer, as well as decay. When listening to classical music I find that violins, especially massed violins, and the little triangle can tell you much about the treble. It always has amazed me when at the Symphony you can hear a triangle over the whole orchestra. The Verito plays massed strings very well, and it nails the triangle.


As I write in most reviews, the midrange is where the heart of the music is and if a piece of audio gear doesn’t get the midrange right, it just can’t sound like music. The midrange of the Verito is capable of bringing music to life. The transients are very, very fast in fact, but at the same time allowing the timber and tone of the instruments to sound so correct. The midrange of the Verito is alive and big while revelatory of the vivid colors of live music. It also excels at letting the listener follow and unravel individual performers during complex musical passages.

Voices come across clear and very articulate. The cadence of voices is very convincing. Both male and female voices sound very alive. They sound is pure, simple, and lifelike. Listen to Ella, Louie, or Frank and you will be able to hear their unique phrasing within a very lifelike space.


Low frequency extension and impact were not missing from the Verito Z, but not quite in the same class as its midrange, top-end, and soundstage in my system. The bass is very articulate, taut, and quick though. In a lot of systems of high-end speakers, this will be a big benefit.

Soundstage and Space

Like all Allnic products, I have heard this is where the Verito excels. It has the ability to place instruments in its own space within the soundscape. If soundstaging is really important to you, then you need to hear an Allnic system with this phono cartridge in it.



I believe that the Allnic Verito Z moving coil cartridge more than holds its own with those in the upper echelon of cartridges that cost between $3,500 and $5,000. At its price, I think it is a good buy among the expensive moving coil cartridges. I’m not saying this is the best cartridge of the group, but if you like tight, quick bass, crystal clear treble, great piano sound and vocals that are truly amazing, and you have a compatible arm, the Verito Z should be on your short list.

I should mention that this was the latest version of the Verito Z moving coil phono cartridge. In fact, while I had the earlier version the company did something I have never heard of before. They offered all current owners the opportunity to return their earlier version for a brand new current one.

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