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CAS7 Richard Austen Reports, Part 1

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LX Speaker Factory

Another terrific value room was the LX Speaker Factory with Wyred 4 Sound, MiniDSP, and Raspberry Pi. First off, the style will capture a number of audiophiles and the price should capture the rest. At $2,295 for the pair of LX mini speakers and $1,295 for a pair of subwoofers, this was a cracking good system using quality SEAS drivers, and customers can choose their hardwood. I really enjoyed the taut bass response that was quite well integrated. Sit a little further back for a better top-to-bottom tonal balance. This room once again had me wondering what if I could hear it with superior front end electronics. One thing that could be an issue is the requirement for bi-amping (a 4-channel amplifier). I think a lot of audiophiles especially in Asia with smaller apartments would love the product offerings by LX Speaker Factory. The sound was good, the style is great, and the price is awesome. Now, please consider some easier manner of driving them with a two-channel amp and more audiophiles will be able get on board.

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