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Helius Designs Scorpio 4 Tonearm Review

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So how does my system sound with the Scorpio 4 in it?

I was able to use the Scorpio 4 with five different moving coil cartridges. I used it with the Benz Ebony TR, the Miyabi Standard, the Miyabi 47, the Allnic Verito, and the EMT TMD 25N mono cartridge.

Compared to my Clearaudio Satisfy Carbon Fiber using the Benz Ebony TR, the Scorpio gave up nothing in speed or dynamics but added a little extra warmth. It also seems to give up a very slight amount of transparency and micro dynamics. With the two Miyabi cartridges, I heard less differences. In this setup, the Scorpio was not as warm as the Satisfy Carbon Fiber, and it was a close call between the two tonearms. The Scorpio also allowed the Miyabi 47 cartridge to track slightly better.

The bigger differences came with the next two cartridges. With the Allnic Verito, the Scorpio was the clear winner. The cartridge tracked much better in the Scorpio and sounded much better too. The music seemed a little bolder, and a little more substantial. It had a solidity to its sound that was very nice to listen to. It didn’t seem quite as warm as with the Benz, but I think this tonearm will be a better match for cartridges like the Denon DL 103 and others that need a little more mass.

So, how did the Helius Scorpio 4 compare to other arms I have used? The answer is, with the right cartridges it will hold its own with all I have listened to in my system. That would include the Tri-planar, the 12-inch Ortofon, Helius Omega Silver-Ruby, SME 3009 and SME 3012. No, it’s not as refined sounding as the Helius Omega Silver-Ruby or the Tri-Planar. It is definitely not as extended on top or quite as detailed as these two arms, but the Scorpio 4 is close and it is very musically satisfying. As well, I should say it’s not as relaxed as the two 12-inch arms I have mentioned. Still, for the money it’s closer than it should be to the best of these arms.



The Scorpio produces good solid bass, and a warm natural mid-bass and midrange. It’s nicely detailed and never sounds bright or etched. The top-end is very natural and not at all hot. All in all it is a tonearm that works with many cartridges, and one I could easily live with. It will be a great tonearm for many people getting into vinyl, and should work well on most turntables. Congratulations to Helius for bringing us a newer Scorpio at such a reasonable price.

2 Responses to Helius Designs Scorpio 4 Tonearm Review

  1. Thibaut says:

    I find an information about Scorpio 4 10″, the offset angle.
    I find also the protractor for this tonearm.
    Thank you so much

  2. Stringreen says:

    I had a Helios Orion….a tonearm that was always broke….back again to the manufacturer for repairs. I will never get a Helios again

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