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Voxativ Ampeggio Speaker Review

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Voxativ Ampeggio Speaker - Speaker Cable Terminators


This pair of Ampeggio speakers left my house, went back to Apple Valley, CA, and were shipped to their new owner Rick Schultz of High Fidelity Cables. I have great respect for Rick as a cable designer and for his ability to hear what sounds like real music. He put the speakers in a bigger room than mine and Rick is very pleased with their sound. I mention this because I could hear such potential for greatness in this speaker, but never felt I was getting the most out of them in my room.

Still, the biggest difference between the Ampeggios and the other single-driver speakers I talked about above, seems to me to come as much from their cabinet design as it does from the design of their drivers. Voxativ has chosen to use thicker and denser cabinet walls than any of the others. A simple, classic knuckle-rap test will tell you these cabinets are deader than the other single-driver speakers I have talked about. They are also much deader than Audio Note’s two-way speakers. Like all speakers of the dead cabinet design philosophy that I have heard, they just seem to have to work harder to get the sound out of the cabinet and into the room. This is not a sound that I have come to expect from high efficiency speaker designs. I should admit that this is the design that most high-end speaker designers choose and there is no reason that this design should not be used with high-efficiency speakers.

I have now heard these speakers at three different audio shows and in my room. They sounded decidedly different in each venue. At all three shows and my house the Voxativ speakers sounded more refined, more under control, and smoother than most other high-efficiency, single-driver speakers I have heard. Many audiophiles and music lovers will like this about them, but to me they are just a little more controlled than real life.

So in conclusion, I am somewhat conflicted about these speakers. There is no doubt they are built to the highest quality, they can hold their own with any high-end speakers from any high-end company I have seen. Without a doubt they make a significant step forward in getting rid of the shout found in most older Lowther designs, but I personally wish they could have done this without losing the magical aliveness of the most recent single-driver speakers I have had in my home.

3 Responses to Voxativ Ampeggio Speaker Review

  1. Bob says:

    Strange that the Voxativ importer would have you review the Ampeggio with the AC-3X driver when an “improved” driver, the AC-4X has been out for some time. Even stranger that you got no reply to your editor’s request for a reply regarding the discontinued issue.

    Bob (an Ampeggio owner)

  2. Jack Roberts says:

    I find it strange too considering he made the effort to drive all the way from Southern Cal to the Bay Area to bring them to me.

  3. Roger hebert says:


    I’m a bit confused between these two websites comment on the owner. Is it Ms. Inès Adler or Holger Adler or is it the same person?

    I remember seeing her in a dress on the left and the piano on the right in a picture which is no longer available or I can’t find it.

    Regards, Roger
    Voxativ Loudspeaker is a speaker company in Berlin founded by Ms. Inès Adler, a rarity in our male-dominant hobby. Adler is an engineer; she worked for Mercedes-Benz and has fourteen patents in her name.
    Holger Adler, owner designer and mastermind behind Voxativ, began experimenting with widebanders in the 1980s. After finishing his engineering studies with a master’s degree, he worked for Daimler’s Mercedes Benz diesel section where he developed engine electronics, ECUs and software. He holds 14 patents on diesel combustion, injection and exhaust treatments.

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