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2004 CES Coverage: Part 1

47 Laboratory/Sakura Systems

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St. Tropez Hotel

Main System

4704 PITrace CD transport $25,000 with optional, 2nd 4700 power supply for seperate motor drive and laser pick up operations.

Total MSRP = $26,800
4705-G Gemini Progression DAC $3,500 with two 4799 power supply ($1,800 each) for dual mono operations

Total MSRP = $7,100
4706 Gaincard Amplifier with two “S” version of 50 Wpc 4700 power supply ($2,500 each)

Total MSRP = $6,500
4704 Input Chooser $750
(picture shows Input Chooser on top of Gaincard)
4712 Phonocube plus 4700 Power Supply

Total MSRP = $3,900
Miyabi 47 MC Cartridge

MSRP = $3,950
Cain & Cain BEN ES with Fostex ES and Fostex T90 Alnico tweeter

MSRP = $12,000
Winston Ma, President of First Impression Music, stops by and listens to the 47 Lab system of PiTracer, Gemini Progression and Gaincard S driving the Cain & Cain BEN ES speakers, finding out for himself why Constantine Soo chooses Junji Kimura’s 47 Lab PiTracer as his reference transport.

A meeting history in the making: (from left to right)
Yoshi Segoshi (Importer), Winston Ma (FIM), Junji Kimura (47 Lab)

An internationally renowned audiophile record label, First Impresion Music was recently recognized by
the AES (Audio Engineering Society) in its use of the label’s disc for demonstration purpose.

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