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2004 CES Coverage: Part 10

TMH Audio

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Alexis Park
Suite 1753 & 1762


WAVAC PR-T1 transformer-coupled linestage $30,000
WAVAC HE-833v1.3 150 Wpc SET amplifier $69,000/pair
WAVAC MD-805 55 Wpc SET monoblocks $19,000/pair
WAVAC MD-811 15 Wpc SET monoblocks $5,000/pair

Vitus Audio Signature SM-100 monoblocks 100 Wpc Class A
Vitus Audio RP-100 phono (top) $19,000
RL-100 linestage (bottom) $22,000
Argento Serenity Master Reference silver speaker cables
Talon Firebird Diamond

Suite 2054

Sound Lab Ultimate 1 $29,500

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