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2004 CES Coverage: Part 11

Trian Corporation

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LVCC booth 16862 South Hall 1&2 / Alexis Park room 1103


Type: 3-way, bass reflex
Drivers: 4PI tweeter, 37 mm dome midrange, 180 mm twin woofers
Crossover Frequency: 200/1k/4k Hz
Frequency Range: 28 – 50k Hz
Sensitivity: 89 dB/m/w
Normal Impedance: 4 Ohm, 3.3 Ohm/150 Hz (minimum)
Power Handling: 200W normal, 250W peak
Recommended Amplifier Power at Normal Impedance: 30 – 400 Wpc
Dimensions: 1180 (H) x 198 (W) x 285 (D)(mm)
Gross Volume: 55 liter
Weight: 35 kg
Dolce far niente: FS 608-4PI

“Dolce far niente – sweet idleness and pure enjoyment is offered by our new high-end loudspeaker.

Behind this promise stands the new FS 608-4PI. It also provides a large listening area (stereo triangle). Thanks to its omni directional ribbon tweeter, the sound propagation exceeds the area of the stereo triangle by using the reflections of the room environment.

But it is not only the tweeter that is stunning: ELAC’s new cabinet in a cross-frame hybrid design offers great acoustics and aperiodic proerties. Curved sides of extruded aluminium, gloss finishes, the titan-colored mounting plate and baskets make this speaker a real feast for the eye.

Enjoy music to perfection because your ears are as demanding as your eyes.

Curvaceous and innovative sound dimensions: the 600 series

Audiophile sound and design are the features of the new 600 series. Our high-end series is distinguished by its special driver and cabinet technology, including Van den Hul cabling, high-quality crossover components and WBT terminals.

The first model of the new series is the ELAC FS 608-4PI. Within the coming year, these products of the new series will follow: a compact loudspeaker provided with the 4PI tweeter, a center speaker with innovative wide-band technology, a new compact monitor with matching stand and a floorstander.

Beautiful design, smart technology: FS 608-4PI

4PI tweeter

360 degree omni directional ribbon tweeter yields a resonance-free upper cut-off frequency of 50k Hz and makes this tweeter an ideal component for the repoduction of
DVD-A and SACD. Its impressive and silky sound quality gives rise to airy sound that comes off easily.

Dome midrange driver

With a diaphragm in filigree design to connect the aluminium sandwich woofer and the 4PI tweeter module. Dome and fabric surround are made of one piece to provide linear operation. Waveguide for improved horizontal radiation, directional effect in accordance with loudspeaker baffle design and high efficiency.

Trian Corp. Equipment List


100 Series (5 new models)

200 Series (6 new models)


New models in the Cinema Series
New subwoofers
New speaker stands
And, a preview of a new top end speaker the 608-4Pi

AV100, $4,295.00, AV100S $4,995.00 and AV120S $6,195.00 integrated home theatre processors

PLUS NEW DVA100 $1,695.00 and DVA250B $2,395.00 CD-DVD players

AV100S AV120S

NEW TD2010A 2,499.00 and TD2030A $3,199.00 acrylic turntables, MM-008 phono preamplifier $295.00

MM-001 $169 TD850 $1,999


5816 Highway K,
Waunakee, WI 53597
Tel: (608) 850-3600
Fax: (608) 850-3602 Contact: S. Richard Ravich
V: (831) 667-0322
ELAC ELECTROAUSTIC GMBH is a world leader in loudspeaker
engineering and manufacturing in the consumer electronics market.
Products are distributed through independent marketing firms
worldwide. Corporate headquarters are located in Kiel, Germany.

THULE AUDIO is a world leader in engineering and manufacturing
consumer hi-fi electronics. Products are distributed through independent
marketing firms worldwide. Corporate headquarters are located in

Thorens, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland manufactures high quality
turntables for the consumer market.

TRIAN ELETRONICS, INC. is an importer and distributor of high-end
professional audio and consumer audio products, including ELAC
loudspeakers from Germany, Thule Audio components from Denmark
and Thorens turntables from Germany serving the broadcast, studio,
contracting and hi-fi markets, with corporate headquarters located at
5816 Highway K, Waunakee, Wisconsin.

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