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2004 CES Coverage: Part 2

Harmonix by Combak

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Alexis Park Suite 1651

Combak Corporation’s Managing Director,
Mr. Kazuo Kiuchi

Equipment List

CDP-777 CD Transport/Player $17,000

*Extended K2 Processing
*176.4kHz 24bit 4 times oversampling yielding 705.6kHz
CAT-777 Vacuum Tube Control $17,000
*Single-ended no negative feedback
*Output tubes 12AU7(x 2) & 12BH7A (x 2)
*Rectifier 6x4WA(x 2)
*Solderless wiring, non-magnetic Carbon resistors, InFiniCap film capacitors
*Input level control

PAT-777 Original 300B Tube Amplifier $27,000
*Single-ended, no negative feedback, class A bias
*7 Wpc
*WE310A(x2), WE300B(x2), 5R4WG(x1)
*Rectifier 6x4WA(x2)
*Solderless wiring
DAP-777 20bitK2 DAC $5,500
*Solid-state design
*JVC 20bitK2 DAC
ALS-777 AC Line Stabilizer $4,900
*Quantum Corp. QRT technology
*6 outlets
Combak Corporation
Harmonix Reimyo

Kazuo Kiuchi
Managing Director

Tel: +81-(468)-72-1119
Fax: +81-(468)-72-1125

May Audio Marketing
Darren Censulio
National Sales Manager

Tel: (305) 608-6079

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