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2004 CES Coverage: Part 3


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Bellagio Suite

(From left to right)
Constantine Soo, Michel Reverchon of Goldmund
and John Fairchild (Importer)

Memesis Series SRP2.3, SRDVD


With the Eidos 720 projector, Goldmund shows how
its “Mechanical Grounding” construction principle can
improve the Video picture quality in both stability and

Using the latest DLP chip technology, the Eidos 720 is
providing the best picture quality for an advanced
Home-Theater installation.

The special AC-Curator circuitry included in the power
supply also increases dramatically the picture quality,
improving both stability and definition. The double
speed, 7-segment color wheel used in the Eidos 720 is
another improvement over other DLP recent design,
with better color spearation, much more natural color
rendition and lack of image smearing.

Technical Data:

-One 79″ Mustang DMD by Texas Instruments
-Resolution: 1280 x 720, WXGA 16:9
-Color wheel: 120 Hz
-Lens: F = 28.3 ~ 38.2 mm, F/2.4, 1.35x Electrical Zoom
-Lens shift Up/down 100%
-Throw Ratio: 1.6 ~ 2.16 (Projection Distance/Image Width)
-Uniformity typical 85%
-1000 Lumens, 2000:1 contrast
-250W UHP lamp 1500 hours (user replaceable – on screen timer)

-1 x DVI (analog and digital RGB)
-2 x Composite RCA
-2 x S-Video
-2 x Component video inputs (YPbPr, YCbCr auto-detectable)

*NTSC/PAL/SECAM Composite, S-Video, Component and HDTV (5 x
BNC) 480i/p, 576 i/p, 720p, 1080i.
*Native mode in DVI for use with the Eidos 31 Video Processor
*Supports HDCP
*On-screen menu in 9 languages
*2 x 12v Trigger connectors
*Very low acoustic noise ( *Full remote control and on screen display
*RS232 full control

MSRP: $75,000


Designed to provide the ultimate solution in CD, DVD
Video, DVD-Audio and SACD playback. The Eidos
Reference is built using the ultimate Goldmund
“Mechanical Grounding” full metal construction.

Provided with a perfectly coupled table support, the
Eidos Reference uses all known technologies to
improve the playback of digital supports. It uses
refined Goldmund “Magnetic Damper” technology, a
micron-precision clamping system, and provides
Digital Audio and Video outputs, including the
Goldmund proprietary Optical DVI, the best existing
progressive Video technology and multi-channel
outputs for DVD-Audio and SACD supports.

It will be hand-built in a limited series of 50 pieces
with a planned delivery in early 2004.

Technical Data

*Transport Mechanism using a Pioneer 747 mechanism heavily modified with structural “Mechanical Grounding” implementation and Goldmund clamping technology. Transport motor and lens mechanism rigidly assembled on a 5mm thick aluminum plate with brass counterweight and Mechanical Grounding stainless steel rotational evacuation with spring-loaded balancing.

*Goldmund “Magnetic Damping” technology fully implemented for optical lens damping, adding considerable depth in image and sound quality out of CD and DVD content.

*External aluminum transport rigidifying structure for spurious vibration cancellation.

*Heavily damped Brass and aluminum heavy-duty mechanism enclosure (30kg) suspended on 4r spring loaded suspension pods.

*Table support to rigidly couple the suspension to the supporting floor.

*Separate Goldmund “ultra-inertia” power supply circuit assembled in an aluminum block with built-in AC-Curator technology, ripple cancellation and zero high frequency radiation.

*Separate dual channel D/A converter built-in with 192kHz 24bits capability for CD, DVD Video and DVD Audio 2 channel playback.

*Separate SACD DVD converter especially designed by Goldmund.

*Direct multi-channel output without PCM conversion.

* Audio digital available on RCA SPDIF (x2), XLR AES-EBU, and Optical (ATT).

*Video progressive especially developed by Goldmund with 5 x BNC 75 Ohms and RGB or Component Video capability (switchable).

*Progressive Analog Video circuit complete tuning capability.
-RGBHV/RGBCS/RGB sync on green
-Vsync and CSsync levels 1Vpp or 5V TTL
-RGB Setup Level 7.5% or 3.75%

*Separate DVI Video output with DVI-I standard connector and Goldmund proprietary Optical DVI (4 x ATT) connection for ultra-high bandwidth long Video connection.

*Size: Height 75cm, Width 59cm, Depth 55cm.
*Weight: suspended: 30kg, total including table: 82kg.

MSRP: $6,900 each


Goldmund continuously improves its power amplifiers
line by introducing new models with improved
performances and features.

The new Mimesis 18.4 is a mono unit equivalent to a
single channel of the famous Mimesis 28, the best
seller of the Goldmund line.

Based on a slightly improved version of the classic
JOB4 circuit, it provides an even more natural sound,
with extreme dynamics and ultra-refined detail.

The Mimesis 18.4 sets also a new reference in
practicality. The amplifier comes standard with analog
(both RCA and XLR) and digital (RCA In and Out)
inputs, an precise input step-attenuator, 5-way
binding post and Goldmund Coaxial Speaker cable
connectors, Auto-start signal sensing circuit (with
built-in 10 amps sequencer), full speaker and
amplifier protection against DC and HF spurious
signals, and Ground floating option switch.

The amplifier is built following the “Mechanical
Grounding” principles with a damped cover.

Technical Data

-200W Mono Power Amplifier
-400W on 8 Ohms before clipping
-High Power newest improved JOB4 circuitry. 2.5 Mhz bandwidth circuitry.
-Thermal Grounding full implementation with Gold plated copper buffer plate
-2 separate high-power transformers
-Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs and RCA digital input/output
-Full DC and HF speakers and amplifier protection
-Input attenuation adjustment (-9dB, -6dB, -3dB, 0, +3dB, +6dB, +9dB)
-Goldmund coaxial speaker cable and 5-way binding post connectors
-New thick ventilated and damped natural color cover
-Size: 22cm W x 44cm D x 17cm H
-Weight: 25kg



With the Mimesis 24 and now the Mimesis 30, Goldmund
developed a new concept for Home-Theater Audio
processors, allowing up to 16 speakers to be separately
controlled in the room in both type and position, instead of
the traditional 5.1 or 7.1. This means decoration may now
dictate the speaker position rather than the 5.1 or 7.1
format limitations.

The very high number of output channels (32 for the
Mimesis 24 and 16 for the Mimesis 30), all digital, allows
extreme flexibility in the configuration, a total protection
against obsolescence for new coming multi-channel
formats and the control of multiple outside zones, even in
multi-channel. The digital outputs guarantees that very
long cables can be used in large rooms without sound

The Goldmund processors set new standards in signal
accuracy, with dynamic range and sound quality never
achieved before in a multi-channel controller. The new
Mimesis 30 is using the same circuit as the Mimesis 24
with 16 output channels and 7 multi-format audio inputs.

-Highly versatile input configuration: 1×6 channel/2 channel analog input, 2×2 channel analog inputs, 4x digital inputs
(1xRCA/ATT Optical, 1x RCA/XLR, 1xRCA/Toslink Optical, 1xRCA), 1x digital tape output
-16 digital channel outputs (8xRCA)
-Fully software upgradeable to new formats
-Full 96kHz 24 bits internal circuitry and DSP processing
-Best analog inputs sound quality by using 10 separate A/D circuits based on the professional Stellavox A/D converter design
-Each of the 16 outputs may receive any combination of input channels in any proportion, with any level, any delay for each kind of input source (5.1, 7.1, PCM Stereo, etc…). This configuration is only depending on the type of speakers used and their location in the room without limitation. It is registered in the Mimesis 30 during the initial setup by a computer program provided with the unit.
-Front panel Master Room volume control to provide an analog-like full system control
-Fully controllable by RS232 for Home-Networking installations
-Finish and dimensions matching the Goldmund High-end Line components as the Mimesis 27+.


Goldmund considerably developed its offer for more
affordable components by presenting in 2003 its new SR
line. With a complete line of components for 2-channel,
Home-Theater and Home-Networking applications,
Goldmund may now offer its unique technology and
legendary sound quality to a broader range of audio

Goldmund will continue in 2004 to introduce new models
to complete its line. All models are available on option
with rack mounting faceplate and their dimensions and
finish matches exactly the other Goldmund components in
order to facilitate a mixed configuration with other
Goldmund line products.

Technical Data

SRDVD Turntable and player MSRP = $4,290

Multi-format turntable and player. Plays CD, SACD, DVD Video, DVD Audio and MP3 discs. SPIDF and Toslink digital Audio Output.
2 channel and 6 channel analog Audio outputs. Component Video and S-Video outputs.
Size: 44cm W x 29cm D x 8cm H. Weight: 7kg.

SRP2.3 Analog and Digital Preamplifier MSRP = $3,450

5 x analog line inputs. Optional Alize 4 module providing replacement of up to 3 analog inputs by digital SPDIF inputs.
Remote control volume by motorized potentiometer and muting.
Built-in new Goldmund low impedance power supply circuitry.
Size: 44cm W x 28cm D x 8cm H. Weight: 5kg.

SRD Digital Preamplifier MSRP TBA

8 x digital 2-channel inputs. Digital outputs to feed directly the new Goldmund Mimesis amplifiers equipped with digital input and the Logos Active speakers. Internal Goldmund high resolution digital volume control.
Size: 44cm W x 28cm D x 8cm H. Weight: 5kg.

SR2.3 Stereo Power Amplifier MSRP = $4,895

200W/channel Stereo Power Amplifier. 300W/channel on 8 Ohms before clipping. Input paralleling switch for multi-driver amplification.
Size: 44cm W x 28cm D x 8cm H. Weight: 12kg.

SRM2.3 Mono Power Amplifier MSRP = $3,450

250W mono Power Amplifier. 300W on 8 Ohms before clipping. 2
separate power transformers.
Size: 44cm W x 28cm D x 8cm H. Weight: 12kg.

SRM3.3 3 channel Home-Theater Power Amplifier MSRP = $5,995

200W/channel 3-channel Power Amplifier. 300W/channel on 8 Ohms before clipping. 3 separate power transformers.
Size: 44cm W x 28cm D x 8cm H. Weight: 16kg.

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