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2004 CES Coverage: Part 4

Joseph Audio

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Alexis Park Room 190B

Press and Friends Invited To
An Informal Event

Thursday Jan. 8th 5:30 to 7:30

Drinks and Food Will Be Served

*2 New Innovative Products
*Our 3 Year Winning Streak
*Publication Of An Independent Peer-Reviewed AES Research Paper By Dr. David Rich & Brandon Cochenour Regarding Infinate Slope Crossovers
(Infinate Slope crossovers came out on top in controlled listening tests)
Visit Joseph Audio And Hear The Magic!

Find out why Joseph Audio won Best Sound At Show 3 years running! Hear the
fabulous sound of our best-selling RM-25si Mk2, the matching Cinergy 5.1
Center Channel Speaker, the New Cinergy Precision Subwoofer, and the
Insider in a complete Home Theater system, along with Theta Digital
Electronics, Faroudja Plasma Screen, Cardas Audio cables, and Grand Prix
Audio racks in AP1908.

You can also hear the JosephAudio Pearls in AP1756 (Joule Electra), and the
RM25si Mk2s on tube electronics in AP1562 (Grommes Hifi)

CES Debute:

The Insider In-Wall Speaker ($1,999)
Cinergy Precision Subwoofer ($3,299)

The Insider In-Wall Speaker

Finally, an In-Wall speaker with nothing to hide! The Insider starts with the same premium quality European drivers and Joseph Audio Infinite Slope Crossover technology as Stereophile’s “Joint Loudspeaker Of The Year 2002”, and neatly solves the fundamental problem of in-wall speaker placement. So what is the fundamental problem with in-walls?

The Sound of Two Pebbles Dropping

In-wall speakers are almost always installed far from ear level, and they can’t deliver consistently balanced sound to the listening area. The woofer and tweeter overlap and interfere with one other creating enormous off-axis dips and peaks. We’ve all seen the clear, expanding waves created when dropping a pebble into a pond. Drop two pebbles in together, and you can see the rippling effect of wave interference.

Joseph Audio Banishes Unwanted Driver Interaction With
Renowned Infinite Slope Crossovers!

Infinite Slope crossovers sharply roll off the woofer at the top of its passband, controlling the overlap, and so offer an ideal solution to the basic problem of in-wall speakers. The off-axis response of the system is greatly improved. Gone is the hollow, harsh sound of typical in-walls.

Want further proof of the Infinite Slope at work? Listen to a Joseph Audio Cinergy Center Channel speaker in the upright position, then lay it down on its side. The sound barely changes! That’s the key to getting a proper match in home theater systems, especially when vertical main speakers are used with a horizontal center.

The Insider’s Good Neighbor Policy

Another unfortunate problem with many in-wall speakers is their open back design. Most in-wall (or ceiling) speakers resonate the open air space they couple with. The result is usually a diffuse, bloated “muffled” sound that can be even more annoying in the adjoining room! Joseph Audio Insider In-Wall speakers are designed with sealed enclosures, thus avoiding the problems that inevitably rise when resonating the walls or ceiling along with a speaker.

But why does all this matter? Because Joseph Audio is committed to creating a superior musical or movie experience you can hear and feel. The Joseph Audio Insider makes it possible to experience better sound throughout every room in the house.

The Cinergy Precision Subwoofer

Joseph Audio now completes the Cinergy home theater package with the remarkable new Cinergy Precision Subwoofer. Housed in a compact, easy to place cabinet of just 14″ w x 15″ h & 17.5″ d, the 12″ Aluminum Cone Subwoofer and 1000 watt amplifier provide a solid bass foundation for music or movies! In the spirit of the innovative Insider, the Cinergy Precision Subwoofer also rates high as a system problem solver. “We didn’t want to make a “me too” subwoofer,” says Jeff Joseph, “We didn’t offer one until we were sure it would bring greater refinement and resolution to the subwoofer market, exactly what our customers would expect of us, and what we’re known for.”

Achieving tight, extended, dynamic bass is problematic because of room resonances. Some companies try to solve the problem with manual parametric equalization, but dealers and installers know what tedious work it is to adjust these systems. Of course, if things get moved, the whole process must start again!

A Subwoofer Or A Computer?

The Cinergy Precision Subwoofer is equipped with a remote microphone and a special calibration system. Just place the microphone in the listening area and activate the calibration procedure. It “pings” the room and identifies the two largest bass peaks. The results are loaded into a filter so the peaks are attenuated. The digital circuitry then shuts down so as not to add any noise. The result is smoother, better defined, deeper, snappier, more lifelike and powerful bass.

With its rigid aluminum 12″ driver and room correction system, the Cinergy Precision Subwoofer, pumps out clean, tight bass under real world room conditions. It reacts to the delicate shadings and nuance of a string trio in high-resolution audio as well as the chest-thumping dynamics found in movie soundtracks.

Joseph Audio
PO Box 1529
Melville, NY 11747
1-800-474-4434 VOX
(631) 424-7086 FAX

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