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2004 CES Coverage: Part 7

Marsh Sound Design

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LVCC South Hall, booth #16486

New Home Cinema Series

Multichannel Preamp/Processor

And 5-Channel Amplifier

Designer Looks – Optimized Circuitry

Robust Build “ High-End Sound, Reasonable Cost”

A Man With History

Richard Marsh, the man behind Marsh Sound Design, has spent years investigating the complex highways and byways of audio circuit design. His extensive background and research led to his introduction of the Amplifier Servo-DC Feedback Circuit used by virtually all amplifier manufacturers today. Richard also championed balanced circuitry in high-end audio; once the exception, balanced running is now commonly used by high end manufacturers. Richard also developed the renowned MultiCap internal bypass capacitor, and has designed for Audio Research, MIT, Wilson Audio, and Monster Cable.

Richard (and Albert’s) Design Philosophy
“Make Everything As Simple As Possible, But Not Simpler”

MSD — Marsh Sound Design represents the culmination of all Richard Marsh has learned during years spent investigating and understanding the complex nature of circuit design, realized here with award-winning lines of stereo and multichannel components featuring high-end performance at affordable prices.

Drawing on his depth of knowledge and erudition in circuit design, Richard’s MSD team manufacture beautifully conceived and laid out, easy to use components designed to provide years of enjoyment. Technically advanced circuitry and high quality parts – where they count – yields an astonishingly high price/performance ratio. Movies or music, you’ll enjoy clear, vibrant “forget the equipment” sound. No bells and whistles, no flashing lights. Just reliable-by-design, great-sounding, easy to use, high-value electronics.

HT4000 Home Cinema Series

7.1-channel Preamp/Processor

MSD’s latest innovation, the HT4000 7.1 processor, debuts at CES in our fresh, attractive new-look industrial design casework.

Under the hood, the HT4000 has all the standard power-user functions like Dolby Digital 5.1 and 7.1, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic I & II, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS-Neo:6 and Matrix 6. Like all great designers, Richard uses the output stage to voice the component and make the music happen. A further refinement for music lovers are Richard’s inspired 7.1 Music Surround Matrix Modes, allowing 7-channel output from 2-channel source material. MSD moves into home theater but takes the music with it!

Price: $4495

HT750 Home Cinema Series

5-Channel Amplifier

The best of Richard Marsh’s vast experience is reflected in this powerhouse 5-channel amplifier. All channels driven, it’s capable of a staggering 1000 watts of total music power!

Each 200 watt channel boasts its own transformer and power supply for clean, ultra-dynamic, immersive you-are-there sound. If multichannel amplifiers don’t have a transformer and power supply for each channel, their power ratings don’t mean a thing. With a single transformer, the power-per-channel goes into freefall when dynamic source material calls for high energy from all (most) channels. Free of that distortion, the HT750 enthusiastically pumps out immersive, high-decibel surround sound or the nuance of a great musical performance. Accepting balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (RCA) inputs, the HT750 is a reliable, powerful, cost-effective, clean sounding amplifier to anchor any 5.1 surround system.

Price: $3495

Other Schedules MSD Product Introductions for 2004

We couldn’t possibly tell you about the new Home Cinema Series 7-channel amplifier that’s soon to
join the 5-channel HT750. And we’re sworn to secrecy regarding the upcoming 6-channel analog
preamp for those of you with DVD-A or SACD players and analog-only outputs. Besides the usual
Marsh circuit refinements, it will offer source selection and unity-gain for the 6 channel outputs.

Richard’s Excellent Adventure

MSD’s first product, the a400s 200wpc power amplifier, received the coveted TAS Golden Ear Award and a listing in their Recommended Components. The smaller a200 earned a place at that table as well. The p2000 line of preamps continues to
garner almost universal praise. Richard also set value-for-dollar high mark in high-power amplifiers with the a450m monoblocks, unconditionally stable into 2 ohms! So stay tuned to MSD for new, exciting audio and home theater products!

Sales office
2609 Discovery Dr.
Building 105
Raleigh, NC 27616
Tel: (919) 876-7554
Fax: (919) 510-2992 Operations Office
62 El Camino Dr.
Corte Madera, CA
Tel: (415) 927-4672
Fax: (415) 924-6846

VOX 212.807.0519 FAX 212.633.1647 CELL 646.369.3340


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