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2004 CES Coverage: Part 9

O. S. Services, Inc.

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LOCATION A: Alexis Park
Room 2008 – Two-room Suite

Equipment List:

Primary Preamplifier
Audion Premier 1.0 Anniversary Edition preamplifier $3,195

Room #1
Audion Golden Dream Level 6 300B PSE 25 watt monoblocks $14,995
2nd Rethm single-driver floorstander $6,500/pair

LOCATION B: St. Tropez Hotel
Room 1103 – Two-room Suite

Primary analog front end:
Amazon Model Two turntable $3,895
RS Labs RS-1A tonarm $1,195
Benz-Micro L2 woodbody moving coil cartridge $1,195

Primary digital front end:
Samuel Johnson PCD100 CD player $3,095
Samuel Johnson PDC100 DAC $2,095

Room #1:
Audion Quattro dual mono preamplifier with mc phono stage $8,995

System One
Audion Silver Night 300B Mk 2 8 wpc stereo amp $3,695
Audist Concerto 1 standmounts (DEBUTE PRODUCT) $2,395/pair
Royal Device Legend 6 standmounts $2,795/pair

System Two
Edison Original 30wpc EL34 integrated $1,195 kit, $1,795 assembled
Aliante Stile SW standmounts $1,495/pair
Aliante ONE PF standmount $3,795/pair

System Three
Audion Silver NIght PSE 300B Mk 2 monoblocks $7,395/pair
Royal Device Laura Studio floorstanders $10,895/pair
Aliante Linea Special Blue floorstanders $5,495/pair

Room #2:
Samuel Johnson PCA100 home theater AV Receivpreamplifier $3,295
Nightingale CR-1600 Line Conditioner $3,695

System One: Home Theater
Revolver R45 front floorstanders $1,595/pair
Revolver R33 standmounts (surrounds) $895/pair
Revolver RW25 center channel (Debute Product) $695/each

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