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2005 CES Coverage: Part 2

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Aaudio Imports, Acapella,
Einstein, Isoclean Powerlines
Acoustic Arts
Ascendo loudspeakers
Audio Note
Audio Research, Wilson Audio,
Richard Gray’s Power Company

Acapella Violon Mk III, MSRP $35k/pair

(A) The Last Record Player CD player $7,490
(B) The Tube balanced tube preamp $13,850
Isoclean Powerlines
(C) PT-3030G II power transformers $2,700 each

Einstein – The Final Cut Mk 25, MSRP $21,000/pair

Einstein – La Campanella, MSRP $26,000/pair

[A] (non-Accuphase) PadBom Turntable $13,000
[B] C2000 preamp $6,900
[C] DG38 digital equalizer $8,500
[D] VX-700 AV controller $16,500

[E] C-1800 preamp $19,500
[F] DP-77 SACD player 8,500
[G] PS-500V power supply

[A] Avalon Eidolon $21,000
[B] (new) Accuphase A60 $17,500
[C] Accuphase PS-1200V clean power supply $8,900
[D] (new) Accuphase A30 $7,000 [A] Accuphase P3000 triple parallel push-pull amp $6,900
[B] Accuphase E530 integrated amp $7,495
[C] Accuphase DP67 CD player $5,500
[D] Accuphase P7000 11-output-stage power amp $16,500

DG38 Voice Equalizer
Wide-format color LCD panel allows direct writing of response curve with stylus pen

[A] Drive I $5,300
[B] DAC 1 MK-3 $5,300
[C] PREAMP 1 MK-2 $5,100
[D] AMP II-AC $9,900 – $11,600
[E] RACK I $3,995
[F] Classic MK-2 $3,400/pair

Ascendo loudspeaker System M
and importer, Darren Censullo

Audio Note M9 preamp with 2 chassis $69,500
Audio Note DAC 5 Signature $59,500 (bottom, with generic front plate)
Audio Note Ongaku $49,500 for the first 15, $69,500 each afterwards

Audio Note TT3 $25,000 (with separate power supply for each motor of 33 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm, plus control cener)
Audio Note CDT Two MK II CD transport $4,250 Audio Note AN-E SEC Sogon with external silver-laden crossover $125,000/pair

Audio Note M9 main chassis interior

Audio Research Reference 300 Mk II tube monoblock amplifiers $30k/pair
Wilson Audio X1 loudspeakers $75,900 [A] Audio Research Reference Three preamplifier $9,995
[B] CD3 Mk II $5,495
[C] PH5 phono stage $1,995
[D] Richard Gray’s Power Company 600S $1,250 each

Audio Research PH5 interior Audio Research Reference Three interior

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