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2005 CES Coverage: Part 3

C to E

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Calix, McCormack, Conrad
Johnson, Ceben


Combak, Harmonix Reimyo

DeVore, Shindo

Cyrus Brennenman Audio, VPI


Ensemble, GamuT

[A] Calix Phoenix Grand loudspeaker $16,000/pair

[B] Calix F7 loudspeaker $2,800/pair
[C] McCormack UDP-1 $3,495
[D] Conrad Johnson 17LS2 $4,495
[E] CJ Premier 140 $6,995

Ceben CS300 EL84 Integrated Amplifier
(No MSRP yet)

Chord SPM 14000 Ultimate Mono Power Amplifiers $37,000/pair

Chord Choral System (from top to bottom)
Blu CD Transport $7,495
DAC 64 $3,495
Symphonic phono stage $3,695
Prima preamplifier $4,995
Mezzo 140 power amplifier $5,995
5-tier Choral system rack $1,700
Official photo
of a 4-tiered Choral system
without Symphonic phono stage

[A] Combak Bravo! minimonitors $3,895/pair
[B] Combak B-Bass tower (for Mr. Kiuchi’s own use) Harmonix by Combak, Reimyo series:
[A] CAT-777 tube preamplifier $14k
[B] ALS-777 $4,995
[C] CDP-777 24bitK2 705.6kHz oversampling CD player $17k
[D] PAT-777 300B stereo power amplifier $22,000

Combak Harmonix accessories

DeVore Fidelity Gibbon Eight $2,850/pair
with Shindo tube electronics


EdgarHorn Vintage Titan $9,450/pair
EdgarHorn Seismic Subwoofer with built-in Hsu EQ crossover amplifier $3,495 (center)

Edgarhorn Vintage Titan Specifications:

Sensitivity: 107dB/8 Ohms
Super tweeter: 10kHz and above
Horn: 50Hz – 10kHz
– Edgarhorn round tractrix horn
– JBL 2441 alnico compression driver
Bottom end: 50Hz and below
– JBL 12″ alnico woofer
Weight: 150lb each
Dimensions: 56″ x 23″ x 23″ HWD

Edgarhorn Siesmic Sub with built-in Hsu
EQ crossover amplifier Specifications:

JBL 2240 18″ pro woofer: 20 – 35Hz
Weight: 400lb (mdf), 250lb (plywood)
Dimensions: 72″H x 31″W x 28″D
VPI Aries Scout turntable $1,600

Cyrus Brenneman Audio Request line stage preamplifier $1,200 Cyrus Brenneman Audio Cavalier Plus $3,500

Edgarhorn Slimline Signature $7,000/pair
Edgarhorn Seismic JR subwoofer with Hsu EQ amp $750
Cyrus Brenneman Audio Cavalier $2,695
Edgarhorn Slimline Signature

Sensitivity: 106dB/8 Ohms
Crossover: Electraprint chokes,
industrial oil capacitors
Super tweeter: 10kHz – above
– Fane bullet tweeter
Midrange: 350Hz – 10kHz
– Edgarhorn round tractrix horn
– 2″ neo-magnetic
compression driver
Woofer: 75Hz – 350Hz
– JBL 10″ alnico pro woofer
Cabinet: high-grade maple veneer
Weight: 150lb each
Dimensions: 48″H x 15″W x 24″D Edgarhorn Seismic JR
subwoofer with Hsu EQ amp

Hsu EQ amp: 250 watt
Driver: 20Hz – 100Hz
– Image Dynamics 12″ MAX
Cabinet: 27mm plywood,
Weight: 72lb
Dimensions: 14″H x 20″W x 15″D

The Doc

ELAC 200 series loudspeaker:
[A] BS 203.2 $1,300/pair
[B] CC 200.2 $995
[C] BS 204.2 (MSRP TBA)
[D] FS 207.2 $1,175/each
[E] SUB 211.2 ESP 300W Class-D
amplification powered sub $1,995

ELAC Imago on-wall speakers

Imago 40/50 $995 (standard art selection)
dimensions: 21.9″W x 17.9″H x 2.6″D

Imago 50/70 $1,295 (standard art selection)
dimensions: 29.8″W x 21.9″H x 2.6″D

[A] Ensemble Figura loudspeakers $9,899/pair
[B] GamuT Audio D200 Mk III $8,999
[C] Ensemble Dirondo CD player $8,999
[D] Ensemble Dichron Hi-Dac DAC/Preamp $6,999
[E] Ensemble Fonobrio phono preamp
and Ray Lombardi of Ensemble Importer, Ray of Sound

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