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2005 CES Coverage: Part 4

F to G

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First Impression Music

GamuT Audio


Gilmore Audio

Gryphon, EMM Labs

First Impression Music discs

FIMSACD060 Autumn Yearning
Fantasia $25

FIMXR24066 Super Sound

Model 880 – high performance wall mount power outlet.
MSRP $65

Model 302 – IEC female
power connector.
MSRP $50

The FIM crew

[A] GamuT CD-1 MkII $4,750
[B] D-3 R Linestage $5,999
[C] D200 stereo amplifier $7,500

Genesis Advanced Technologies 6.1e $6,000/pair Genesis Advanced Technologies 201 (one channel shown)
Sony SCD-1 SACD/CD player
Aesthetix Calypso preamplifier $4,500
Bruce Moore M225 tube monoblock amplifiers $11,950/pair

Gilmore Audio Model 2 $19,950/pair

Mikado CD player $12,000
Sonata Allegro preamplifier $12,500
Antileon Signature stereo/mono power amplifiers $24,000/pair

(from left to right)
Encore power amplifier $14,000
Callisto 2200 integrated amplifier $9,000
Legato Phonostage
also at the Gryphon exhibit: EMM Labs system
(from top to bottom)
CDSD SACD/CD transport $7,900
DAC6e 6-channel DAC $11,500
Switchman (SWM) 3 multi-channel preamplifier $8,000

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