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2005 CES Coverage Part 5

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Harmonic Technologies

Jeff Rowland

JMLab (Focal)


January 6, 2005
ScullComm presents Harmonic Technology Press Conference

Jim Wang of Harmonic Technology & Jonathan Scull of ScullComm

Cyberlight cable

6moon’s Srajan Ebaen, Henk, and PFO’s David Robinson

Jeff Rowland Model 201 monoblock amplifiers $4,700/pair

JMLab Nova Utopia Be $50,000/pair [A] JMLab Alto Utopia Be $17,000/pair
[B] JMLab Diva Utopia Be $11,500/pair

JMLab Utopia Beryllium tweeter showcase

Kontrol Klimax
preamplifier $9,895 Unidisk 1.1
universal disc player $10,995 Chakra 500 Twin
stereo power amplifier

Unidisk SC universal disc player $5,000

5125 5-channel class V modular power
amplifier $2,795

Unidisk 1.1

Kisto system controller

Unidisk 1.1

Kinos AV system controller

Artikulat multi-channel speaker system

Komponent 2-K Driver Array 110 floorstanding loudspeakers
with 106 Left/Center/Right loudspeaker

Komponent 120 powered bass reinforcement loudspeaker

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