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2005 CES Coverage Part 6

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Marantz, Mordaunt-Short

Marchand Electronics

OSS Audio, Audion, Audist, Cadence,
Nightingale, Revolver

Marantz SC-7S1

Reference Series Stereo Preamplifier $7,500 Marantz MA-9S1
Reference Series Monaural Power Amplifier $7,500
Marantz PM-11S1 Reference Series Integrated Amplifier $4,399.99

Marantz PM-11S1

– Brand Marantz Reference Series Design
– Based on the SC-7S1 and MA-9S1 Circuit Topology
– Massive Toroidal Power Supply and Filter Capacitors
– 100 wpc/8 Ohms, 200 wpc/4 Ohms
– Output Stages Use HDAM-2SA curcuitry
– High Accuracy Linear Control Volume
– Hybrid Ring-Core Power Transformer with Choke Coil
– Current Feedback Topology Phono Amp
– F.C.B.S. (Floating Control Bus System) for PM-11S1 linked together in a multi-channel system
– New Reference Remote Control
Marantz SA-11S1 Reference Series SACD Player $3,499.99

Marantz SA-11S1:

– Brand Marantz Reference Series Design
– 3 new selectable Digital filters to optimize the Super Audio CD/CD Sound Characteristics
– Marantz Original PEC (Phase Error Compensation) System with High Performance 24bit DSP
Eliminates the Phase Delay and Makes Sound Characteristics Flat for CD Play Back
– New High Speed Dual DSD DACs
– Full Balanced Output stages now Featuring HDAM SA
– New Drive Mechanism and Stability Plate Cover
– New LCD Type Display with Separate Power Supply
– New Shorter Signal Path Circuit Board Construction
– New Reference Remote Control
Mordaunt-Short Performance 6 loudspeakers

Mordaunt-Short Performance 6:

– ATT (Aspirated Tweeter Technology): breaks away from the
restrictions of a conventional cabinet
– Driver chassis constructed from highly advanced Sound Deadening
Steel (SDS): completely eliminating unwanted resonance effects
– 3rd generation aluminum (6.5″) CPC woofers: featuring Mordaunt-
Short V-Form technologies and aerospace-grade visco-elastic

Marchand Electronics

Marchand XM44-4 Electronic Crossover Network (4-way) $1,199

Marchand PR41DM dual mono passive preamplifier

Marchand XM126-2AA tube electronic crossover
with outboard power supply $1,695

Marchand PR41-ATT2-A
46-step stereo attenuator $495

Marchand Woodstock speakers
(specs/price TBA)

[A] Audist Concerto 3 floorstanders $3,295/pair
[B] Audist Concerto 2 standmounts $2,495/pair
[C] Audion Premier 1.0 Anniversary Edition preamplifier $3,195
[D] Audion Silver Night PX25 Mk II 8 wpc stereo amplifier $5.495
[E] Audion Silver Night 300B Mk II 7 wpc stereo amplifier $4,495

Audion Premier 1.0 Anniversary Edition preamplifier $3,195

[A] Cadence Arista electrostatic hybrid floorstander $5,495/pair
[B] Revolver RW16 standmounts $995/pair
[C] Revolver RW45 floorstander $2,395/pair
[D] Audion Premier 1.0 Anniversary Edition preamplifier $3,195
[E] Nightingale Chorus ADM-35 five-channel integrated
[F] Nightingale Chorus Armonia 20 wpc integrated tube amplifier $4,495
[G] Nightingale Elegance ATS 90 90 wpc 7581A monoblocks $14,495/pair
[H] Revolver RW25 center channel $795
[I] Revolver RS300 300-watt subwoofer $1,295

Nightingale Elegance ATS 90

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