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2005 RMAF Exhibitors Genesis Advanced Technologies

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Genesis at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

Seattle, WA – Genesis Advanced Technologies will give attendees a sneak peek at the latest addition to their line of monitor speakers, the Genesis 7 petite. Complementing the convertible G7c launched earlier this year at CES 2005, Genesis brings more absolute fidelity™ to lifestyles with space constraints.

Genesis is partnering with their Colorado dealer, Audio Limits who will be showing Genesis loudspeakers paired with FM Acoustics equipment in the Primrose Room of the Marriott Tech Center in Denver, CO at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, September 30 through October 2nd, 2005

Gary Leonard Koh, CEO of Genesis and the pioneer of the Black-CD re-recording technique will be present at the Audio Limits room. “My dream and mission is to bring better reproduction to all music lovers, regardless of lifestyles and budgets. By sharing some of our research for free on the Internet, even music lovers who cannot afford a pair of our loudspeakers will benefit from what we do everyday. I conceived the concept of absolute fidelity™ and Genesis will continue to remain faithful to this concept whether it is found in a room-filling G2 system or the petite shelf-sitting G7p.”

Darrin O’Neil of Audio Limits said, “Audio Limits had one of the best rooms at the 2004 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. We hope to grab the honor of being THE best room this year. I am excited about pairing the Genesis 201 system with FM Acoustics equipment.”

Also to be shown are the limited edition Genesis Tube Amplifers. Per Mr. Koh of Genesis, “I created these amplifiers as proof of concept that a well-designed, well-executed, value-price amplifier will be able to drive any Genesis loudspeaker with ease and authority.”

Join us in Audio Limits’ Primrose room and experience the musicality of each system for yourself. A complete list of equipment shown in the Audio Limits room at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest can be found at

About Genesis Advanced Technologies
Genesis Advanced Technologies is a leading developer of high-end loudspeaker systems with a commitment to absolute fidelity™, in product, service and performance.

absolute fidelity™ and absolute surround™ are trademarks of Genesis Advanced Technologies
Pte Ltd in the United States and other countries.

About Audio Limits
Audio Limits is a high-end audio store in Colorado Springs, CO and an authorized dealer of Genesis loudspeakers. More information about Audio Limits can be found at

About FM Acoustics
FM Acoustics of Switzerland is the premier manufacturer of precision Audio electronics for the mature listener. More information can be found at

For more information please contact:
Genesis Advanced Technologies
654 S. Lucile Street
Seattle, WA 98108
Tel: 206-762-8383
Fax: 206-762-8389

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