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2005 RMAF Gallery 1 Audio Imports, Audio Limits, & Audio Note

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Audio Imports

– Acapella Fidelio 2 speakers w/stands
– Accoustic Arts Drive I
– Accoustic Arts DAC 1 Mk3
– Einstein The Tube preamp
– Einstein The Light In The Dark power amp
– IsoClean PT3030G II Transformers (2)
– IsoClean 80A3 Filtered Power Socket (6-position)
– IsoClean ICP-002 Wall Socket
– IsoClean RF Isolators (4-pack)

Accustic Arts Drive I, DAC I Mk3, Einstein The Tube preamp, Einstein Light In The Dark
power amp, IsoClean PT3030G II Transformers (2), IsoClean 80A3 Filtered Power
Socket (6-position)

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ackerman of Aaudio Imports

Audio Limits

– Genesis 201 Loudspeakers
– FM Acoustics 611x Amplifier
– FM Acoustics 255 Preamplifier
– FM Acoustics 122 MK 2 Phonostage
– FM Acoustics Forceline Cable
– Reimyo CDP 777 CD Player
– Redpoint Model D Turntable

Audio Note

– Audio Note E/LX Signature speaker and its outboard crossover
– Conquest Silver amp (parallel single-ended 300B mono blocks) on 4″ Mapleshade stand
– CDT Two/II transport (old), CDT One transport
– M3 Phone pre-amp w/Galahad-derived power supply
– DAC 3.1x Balanced, DAC1.1x MkII Signature
– OTO SE Phono integrated amp (hidden)
– Yamamoto A08 stereo 45 amp (to show off speakers’ 98dB/w/m efficiency)
– Voyd 0.5 Ref turntable, Audio Note 1S VX arm, IO Gold cartridge, AN-S8 step-up transforner, Voyd power supply

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