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2005 RMAF Gallery 3 Eminent, Empirical Audio, Encore Performance, & Excalante

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Gallery 3

Eminent, Empirical Audio, Encore Performance, & Excalante

Eminent Technology

– Eminent Technology TRW-17, Rotary Woofer

Winston Wright standing by the manifold he constructed, The manifold for the rotary woofer was located in one room (7809) and the listening area was in the adjacent room (7811). The manifold connected through the door between the two rooms.

The rotary woofer shown atached to the manifold inlet.

This is a view coming into the room. A rotary woofer is on display as a pair of Eminent
Technology LFT-16’s. The rotary woofer manifold inlet is to the right.

The ET room used a computer and a sound card and calibrated microphone to display
distortion products with a spectrum analyzer. A Heathkit signal generator created sine
waves to 1Hz. The demo consisted of playing tones from 40Hz down to 1 Hz. The
amplifier was a Nakamichi Stasis, one channel was used, rated 225 watts in 8 ohms.
To the far left is the manifold inlet into the room.

Empirical Audio

Equipment list:
– Sources:
1. Turbomodded Sony DVP-S7000 transport
2. Off-Ramp Turbo USB to S/PDIF converter for computer
3. Off-Ramp I2B USB to I2B converter for computer
– DAC’s
1. Perpetual Technologies P-3A with Turbomod and Superclock
2. Benchmark DAC-1 with Turbomod and Superclock
– Preamp:
1. Turbomodded Mark Levinson #38
– Amps:
1. Turbomodded Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblocks
– Speakers:
1. Turbomodded KEF reference 104/2
Sources were setup to compare (A/B):
– Modded versus unmodded
– Transport versus computer

Encore Performance Recordings

“Black Diamond Racing products are vibration isolation devices which help each system component produce mroe accurate and enjoyable sound. They are shown under each system component, and they include ‘Cones’, ‘The Pits’, and ‘The Puck’ in various sixes as determined by the size and type of equipment under which they are placed. The electronics pictured and used in the demonstration are more modest than those seen in most rooms of the show, but that was done on purpose to demonstrate that Black Diamond Racing products can help even modestly priced electronics sound extraordinarily natural and pleasing.”

– Clements-Solus SC-6 speakers
– Toshiba SD-4900 DVD player
– Goldmund Mimesis SR integrated amplifier

Escalante Design

“Escalante Design has just unveiled it’s new product, the debut of the new sibling in the loudspeaker product line-up. The “Fremont” was at the 2005 Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.

The Fremont is a Reference (“Mega”) 2 Way Monitor which performs like a 4-Way loudspeaker. This is achieved by the patented Direct-Coupled technology, and a specially designed dust-cap which acts as a midrange.

The specifications of the Fremont are as follows:

One 1″ custom spec ring radiator tweeter
12″ x 2 custom designed mid/woofers Direct-Coupled (Yes, that was not a typo, 2-
12″ mid/bass drivers)
93 dB Efficiency
Frequency Response 18Hz – 50,000kHz

All Escalante Design Loudspeakers are the result of years of research and development by physicist and renowned Loudspeaker Designer, Tierry R. Budge.

If you don’t know the man, you are certainly aware of his products. Tierry was the Manager of Research and Development at Wilson Audio. Tierry was also the Head of Engineering and Design at Talon Audio. These companies’ most highly praised designs owe their existence to him.

Tierry, however is a perfectionist (aren’t we all?). Not content with the results at those other companies(!), Tierry became one of the driving forces behind the formation of Escalante Design.

Escalante Design is a company formed by Matthew Waldron and Tierry R. Budge, dedicated to building superb loudspeakers for those who know how to listen.

Tierry’s patented loudspeaker technology is present in every ounce of the Escalante Design Loudspeakers.”

Equipment List:


Escalante Design The Fremont™, MSRP $14,990 per pair (includes stands)
The Pinyon™ $6990 per pair, Hoodooh™ Monitor Stands $990 per pair
The Uinta™ Subwoofer, $5490 each

All finishes were Natural Bamboo with Brushed Aluminum.


Teac Esoteric X-O1 CD/SACD Player, MSRP $13,000


Modwright SWL 9.0SE, MSRP $2200


Art Audio Jota, MSRP $8800
Butler Audio TDB 2250, MSRP $3295


Crystal Cable CrystalConnect Piccolo, MSRP $399 (1meter pair)
CrystalConnect Micro, $599 (1meter pair)
CrystalPower Micro, $450 (1meter each)
CrystalPower Reference, $1299 (1meter each)
Shunyata Research Python Helix, $1095 per 6ft each
Gemini Helix, $1088 per 10-foot pair


Acoustic Dreams 4-shelf rack, MSRP $6000
Mono-block stands, $850 per pair
Dead-ball Isolators, $200.00 per set of 3
Eighth Nerve Room Treatment, $100/4 corners; $200/4 seams
Shunyata Research Hydra Model-6, $995

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