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2005 RMAF Gallery 4 Locus Design, Ray of Sound, Red Dragon, & Red Rock

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Locus Design Group

Locus Design
* DampClamp
* Nucleus and Polestar power cables
* Polestar speaker cables (on the Eminent Technology speakers)
* Polestar AC extension box

* Beast power cable
* Ogre power cables

* Pulserod loudspeaker system (Saturday and Sunday)

Eminent Technology
* LFT-16 loudspeakers (Friday and Saturday)

Eastern Electric
* M-520 integrated amplifier (Friday and Saturday)
* MiniMax phono preamp
* Minimax CD player

Expressimo Audio
* Granite turntable

* Mexcel and Premiere interconnects

Dynamic Contrasts
* What Rack audio rack

Eminent Technology LFT-16 loudspeakers

Sonicweld Pulserod loudspeaker system

Ray of Sound

Equipment List:

Audion PX-25 6wpc amp
Ensemble Dorondo CD player
Horning Agathon Ultimate speaker
Nordost Valhalla speaker cable, Innerconnects, with Nordost Thor power supply

Rob King, and Ray Lombardi of Ray of Sound

Red Dragon Audio

Equipment List: (Room 565)

Red Dragon Audio – Leviathan Monoblocs (
Precision Acoustic Labs – Model 32 line arrays (
Audia Preamp
Ayre CD player

Room 578
Red Dragon Audio Leviathan Monoblocx (
Selah Audio XT8 line arrays/actively blamped with DEQX
DEQX serving as preamp and active xover/EQ for XTB system (Marantz DVD player was our transport)
Moon Audio Cables (
HGG Stands equipment racks (

AudioTropics Moebius preamp on hand to substitute for the DEQX during various auditions. (

Red Rock Audio

Red Rock Audio

Renaissance Monoblock Push Pull Tube Amplifier (pair) $38,750

Silent Source Cables
Signature Power Cords $800
Signature Interconnects $1598
Signature Speaker Cables $2995

Walker Audio
Walker Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable Reference version directly
connected to phono amplifier $35,000
Magic Diamond Cartridge $4,500
Walker Reference Phono Amplifer – Second Edition $12,500
Walker Reference Tube Line Stage $12,500
Walker Velocitor Power Line Enhancer $2,995
Walker Prologue Equipment Rack in optional solid Jatoba and carbon fiber
Walker Amp Stands in Jatoba (each) $1,450

Verity Audio
Sarastro Speakers (pair) $35,000

Musical Fidelity
Trivista SACD Modded by Empirical Audio Not for Sale

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