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2005 RMAF Gallery 5 Rives, Song Audio, Sounds Real, YG Acoustics, and Raw Acoustics

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Rives Audio

Equipment List:

Rives Audio PARD (Parametric Adaptive Room Compensation)
Classe amplification and B&W Nautilus 800

Song Audio

From top to bottom:

Song Audio SA-300MB power amp
Song Audio SA-1 preamp & power supply

Song Audio Type II Silk DM speaker
Zu cable Druid speaker

(Alternative System)
From top to bottom:

Song Audio SA-300MB power amp
Song Audio SA-1 preamp
Vasant K solid state integrated amp
Audio Anologue Puccini CD player

From left to right:

Song Audio SA-34B tube SET integrated amp
(soon to be released) SA-34SB Cecilia Edition
Vasant K Solid State integrated amp

Clara Kim

Sounds Real Audio

System 1: (with Jim Riddell of Sounds Real Audio

deHavilland GM-70 mono blockx, 50 watts single ended
deHavilland Mercury 2 preamplifier with type 85 tubes
Wilson Benesch ACT’s carbon fiber loudspeakers
Audio Aero Capitole CD player
Eurolabs Premier table, Morch DP-6 arm, Dynavectore Karat cartridge
All Cardas Golden Reference interconnects and speaker cables

System 2:

Wilson Benesch Curves speakers
deHavilland los Stereo 845 single ended amplifier
deHavilland Ultra Verve preamplifier
Gamut CD player
Cardas Golden Cross and Golden Reference cables

George Kielczynski and his Aries Gm-70 monoblock power amplifiers

YG Acoustics

Equipment list:

Krell SACD Standard (only normal CD used for demos)
Krell KAV 280p preamp
Krell KAV 2250 power amp
YG Acoustics Anat Reference Studio ($55,000/pair)
Kimber Select 1120 interconnects, Kimber Select 3030 loudspeaker cables, Kimber PK14 power cables
YG Acoustics Anat Reference Studio

Yoav Geva (Gonczarowski) demonstrating.

Raw Acoustics

RA8 Array specifications:

bass-reflex design
parallel crossover network
1 RA 104.5 Ribbon tweeter
8 M-130 paper woofer per speaker
In room response mid 40Hz
Sensitivity is 95 db (1watt/1m)
Recommended amplification is 8-100 watts RMS
Impedance: 6-8 ohms nominal
high quality components are standard: Sonicaps, Foil inductors, Metal Oxide resistors, 14g Teflon coated silver wire
3/4″ MDF sides/back, bracing
Dimensions: 65″ H x 8″ W x 14″ D
cabinet tuned to 49Hz

Eight M-130 drivers matched with RA104.5 ribbon tweeter in the middle per speaker
Four M-130 drivers on top of a RA104.5 ribbon, four M-130 drivers below
3/4″ MDF construction due to using the top mount M-130 drivers, which are not flush mounted except the RA104.5 ribbon
Less router time results in relative ease in building this line source
High 95db sensitivity, 6 to 8 impedance
No point source/line source radiation pattern variances
No 3db/6db distance doubling issues (consistent output at all distances)
No lobbing errors
Consistent off-axis responses horizontal
Large vertical off-axis window (consistent over a wide range)
Low distortion design
-3db in the mid to low 40’s
Narrow profile
High quality crossover parts

50 watt mono’s: as show in the photos

“New push-pull design using only 1 tube in the output. The tube is the 829B. The amps use all Cardas terminations and have IEC power connectors for use with any power cord. The amps have a wonderful open sound with extension from top to bottom, and a very lush midrange. They are especially suited for speakers of 91dB or higher sensitivity. The front end tubes are 5687’s 2 of them and again all transformers are custom designed and built. They have 4 and 8 ohm taps for speakers. Bias is set by means of a built in meter, it is ultra simple and the sound is incredible!

The cost for a pair is $3600.

The newest versions of these will be probably much smaller than the ones in the pics now. There are other finishes available for additional cost. Standard finish is brushed front and Oak sides.”

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