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2005 T.H.E. Show: Part 1

Picture Gallery 1

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by: Larry Borden & John Fairchild

Sound Engineering SE-1 turntable w/ Da Vinci tonearm

47 Laboratory 4713 Flatfish CD transport
4705 Progression DAC

Acapella La Campanella

Acapella Fidelio 2

Einstein “The Last Record Player”
Einstein “The Tube” preamp
Isoclean 80A3
Isoclean PT3030G II power transformer
Einstein “The Light in the Dark” power amp

VK-D5 CD Player
VK-51SE preamplifier
VK-P10SE phono stage

JM Lab Nova Utopia BE

VK-150SE tube monoblock amplifiers

Focus Audio FS-78SE $3,450/pair

Blue Circle BC3 Galatea tube linestage
Dodson Audio DA-218 DAC
Audience AdeptResponse power conditioner

Blue Circle BC202

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