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2005 T.H.E. Show: Part 2

Picture Gallery 2

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by: Larry Borden & John Fairchild

Harmonix Reimyo PAT-300 300B power amplifier on Royal Stage platform

Harmonix Reimyo DAP-777 20bitK2 DAC
ALS-777 powerline stabilizer on Royal Stage platform

Combak Bravo! minimonitors
with double-bass subwoofer tower

Mr. Kazuo Kiuchi
and his Bravo! minimonitors

Damoka Vitavox speaker

Lamm Industries ML2.1 power amplifier


ELP laser turntables

Halcro CDSD disc transport
Halcro DAC 6e 6 channel DAC

Joseph Audio Pearl loudspeaker

Joseph Audio Pearl loudspeaker

Hyperion HPS-938

Sony SCD-1
Hyperion BEC-Mono power amplifiers
Hyperion BEC-P25 preamplifier

Hyperion HT-88 monoblocks amplifier

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