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2005 T.H.E. Show: Part 3

Picture Gallery 3

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by: Larry Borden & John Fairchild

Kharma Exquisite Midi
Kharma Ceramique Sub
Lamm ML 2.1 monoblocks

Kubala-Sosna cable system
Kharma Ceramique Sub
Kharma Ceramique Reference Monitor 3.2

Gershman Black Swan
Linar Preamplifier 2
Linar Model 500 monoblocks

MBL 8011 M monoblocks
MBL 116 Elegance

DeVore Fidelity Silverback Reference

Moon Andromeda Reference Differential CD Player
Moon P-8 dual-mono controller (preamplifier)
Moon Andromeda power supply
Moon P-8 power supply

Moon W-8 power amplifier

Conrad-Johnson Premier 17LS preamplifier & Premier 350 solid-state amplifier
Silverline Bolero

Thorens Reference

Totem Mani 2

Wavac MD-300Bm monoblock
Talon Khorus X II

Wavac MD-805m monoblock

Wavac PR-T1 linestage

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