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2008 RMAF Coverage 17

Other Interesting Stuff, Part 1 of 2

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This portion of Dagogo’s 2008 RMAF Coverage by Jack Roberts

“Other interesting stuff at the 2008 RMAF”

▼Two hours before show time…

▼My Favorite Room.

▼Let’s clean some LPs…

▼…and lift some cables, too.

▼A treasure chest of Purist.

▼Atmosphere amps were out in several rooms.

▼deHavilland Audio’s soon-to-be-released Interstage Driven Triode Monoblocks.

▼The PLAYBACK CD Player.

▼Virtue Audio’s cute little amps.

▼Would you wear one of those foam things?

▼Latest from EMM Labs.

▼Wadia’s iTransport was everywhere.

▼VAC amplifier.

▼MBL system.

▼McIntosh system.

This portion of Dagogo’s 2008 RMAF Coverage
by Constantine Soo

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