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2010 CES: Coverage 2

So many hi-rez turntable images you will go blind

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Turntables ought to be obsolete as a contact medium for sound reproduction. Instead, through adaptations of new technologies from other industries, the medium is having, probably, its third wind. Turntable is a fascinating object, with all the moving parts and a platter that is getting thicker and thicker, a customized platform that is getting prettier and prettier, it is no wonder that even digiphile like me can’t resist from getting his hands on one or two. I am probably also right if I say that turntable is a guy thing, and even more a mechanic’s thing, although most guys will shun me for the fact that I drive automatic and not stick, which probably explains why I am a digiphile. I can only steer the wheel with my left hand when I’m holding the hand of the girl next to me while driving. That girl being my wife of 15 years of marriage, naturally. Without much ado, the following is a collection of turntable images I’ve taken at 2010 CES. Images are grouped into two pages, and are published in alphabetical order.

Acoustic-Signature Reference Grande ($34,000), Musical Life Conductor SE 9″ tonearm, ($6,800) (K.T. Audio Imports exhibit)

Basis Signature Series (Pass Labs exhibit)

Clearaudio Innovation Wood ($10,000), TT2 tangential tonearm ($9,500) (Musical Surroundings exhibit)

Clearaudio Maximum Solution Satisfy Satinee, $6,000 show special (Musical Surroundings exhibit)

Clearaudio Innovation Composite Wood, $7000, TT3 arm, $3,500 (Musical Surroundings exhibit)

Clearaudio Concept, $1,400 package (Musical Surroundings exhibit)

Clearaudio Innovation Compact ($7,000) with Helius Scorpio IV tonearm $950, Clearaudio Outer Limit peripheral ring $1200, HRS Analog Disk clamp $200 (Musical Surroundings exhibit)

E.A.R. Disc Master ($17,000) (E.A.R. exhibit)

Kuzma Reference, Kuzma Strobi Strobe Disc/LP Record Weight, $395 (Elite AV Distribution exhibit)

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