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2010 CES: Snapshots 1

at Venetian: Snapshots

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There are six annual U.S. audio shows now, namely the up and coming AXPONA in March, the AKFEST in May, the Lone Star Audio Fest in July, the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October, the CES High Performance Audio Exhibits in January and the T.H.E. Show that takes place alongside CES. Being an industry-only show, the CES is the only one that brings large groups of men from all over the world in business casual and formal business attires. We, Americans, tend to wear t-shirts and jeans, and some of us take the opportunity to wear dress shirts and pants. This is the show where companies go the extra mile to bring their brightest minds to the forefront in presenting products. Designers and owners of domestic companies show up to proclaim their products, and those of foreign companies show up along their U.S. representatives.

The following are snapshots from the January events of CES and T.H.E. Show, before we publish our customary full reports.

Furutech GT40 USB DAC & Le Mans digital amplifier. See Dagogo™ Press Releases.

Legacy Audio Whisper loudspeakers (outer left and right), alongside Lumenwhite Artisans speakers and the new Ayon CD-5,
Triton integrated tube amplifier. Lumenwhite’s are driven by the Ayon Orthos pure class-A monoblocks.

Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate Edition with Wadia Reference Series 9 transport and Decoding Computer system and Octave

Magico Q speaker cutaway.

Odeon Elektra horn-loaded speakers (large model), imported by Koetsu USA.

Lotus Group USA Granada II speakers, featuring Feastrex main driver (white).

Tonian Labs speakers yet to be named, with Audio Valve amplification, imported by Ray of Sound.

dCS Debussy USB DAC (top) with Jeff Rowland Design Group amplification and Focal speakers.

Audio Acoustics Fundamental K2 speakers, Win Analog amplification.

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