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2010 CES: Snapshots II

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Clearaudio Innovation Compact Wood turntable ($7,000) with TT3 tangential tonearm ($3,500)
(Imported by Musical Surroundings)

MSB Technologies’ M202 class-A no-feedback monoblock amplifiers (prototype)

MBL system: 101 E MK II Reference loudspeakers, 1621A Transport, 1611 D/A Converter, 6010D Preamplifier,
9008 monoblock amplifiers.

Air Tight amplification imported by Axiss Distributions.

Pass Labs unveiled two pairs of its reference class monoblock amplifiers for static display purposes only.
Kent English of Pass said there was no plan to make it available commercially. According to him, an attendee
actually took out his check book and demanded a figure, and the folks at Pass had to decline him.

Harmonix Reimyo CDT-777 CD transport, DAP-999 EX K2 DAC, Chapter IA Precise 250 amplifier,
Revolver Cygnis LS speakers. Imported by May Audio Marketing.

Electrocompaniet system with new Nordic speakers.

Furutech debuts its new OEM product called Torque Guard Binding Post for use on speakers.
See Dagogo’s Press Release for details.

Conrad Johnson ET2 preamplifier & ET250S stereo power amplifier.

Oracle CD-2500 CD player. See Dagogo Review here.

Wadia S7i CD player/USB DAC. Projected retail: $14,000.

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