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2010 RMAF Part 1

Exhibits: Xact Audio, Legacy Audio, Ayon Audio USA

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Xact Audio (retailer)

In this room permeated with the all-alluring Allnic tube electronics, such as the H3000V variable LCR phono ($13,900), the L3000 Linestage ($10,900), and the M3000 140-watts monoblocks ($12,900/pair), one gets the sense of extraordinary bandwidth via the tubes. The MBL 111F ($39,500/pair) featured the radial tweeter that complimented the unusually resolving Allnics perfectly. The top-end wasn’t recessed nor veiled as with most tube electronics, but was presented in the magnificence of cost-no-object designs. Looks like what my fellow Dagogoans have written about the Allnic gear are no exaggerations.
During the interim when the room’s air-conditioner was cycling down, I could not discern any background hiss or noise with all the Allnic phono stage, line stage and power amplification when driving the MBL.

The Beat MagDrive turntable system ($24,000) displayed also provided very extended spectral presentation, which was further unveiled most expertly by the Allnic. The rest of the system comprised the Reed 3Q Laser Guided 12-inch tonearm ($6,500), Reed 2P VTA on the fly 10.5-inch tonearm ($4,950), the Allnic Audio Puritas MC cartridge ($4,950), Oppo 83SE CD player ($850) and ONDA pure silver cable Air & Rush ($750 and up).

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