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2010 RMAF Part 2

Exhibits: The Cable Company, MIT, On A Higher Note, Audio Unlimited, Precision Transducer Engineering, Sony Electronics

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The Cable Company (retailer)

Music Interface Technologies

This year, Gavin Fisher of MIT and his colleagues continued educating audiophiles of the difference between MIT and generic cables. In a system comprising the Electrocompaniet EMP-1 SACD/DVD-A/CD player ($9,990), the EC4.8 preamplifier ($4,990), a pair of the AW400 monoblock amplifiers ($6,250 each) and the Chapman T8 floorstanding speakers ($9,000 a pair), the demo involved playing the system using ordinary $20 zip cord speaker cables, before adding an MIT AVt Speaker Module to each of the zip cord. The improvement in the form of increased body and dimensionality was unmistakable. Then, the Orcale Matrix HD speaker cable ($20,000 per pair) was put in place, and there was even more body and dimensionality, such that the $9k Chapmans sounded like a pair costing $20k. Sparkles of cymbals and articulations of female vocals were created utterly out of proportion of what one expects from a pair of $9k speakers.

Gavin explained that the new Oracle Matrix HD now features 120 poles of articulations versus 60 in the previous model. The HD technology is also different is intent than the Oracle v1.3 ($27,799 per 10-foot pair) I am reviewing, in that the HD is to pull the listener into the event, as if it was live in the listening room. The Oracle v1.3, on the other hand, is designed with the “2C3D” technology that aims at projecting a holographic soundstage between and behind the speakers. What fun it is to be able to have both and enjoy music however you want to in your own home!

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