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2010 RMAF Part 5

Exhibits: Classic Audio Loudspeakers, Evolution Acoustics, Focal/Accuphase, Purity Audio Design

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Classic Audio Loudspeakers

Classic Audio was demonstrating their T-3.4 Project high efficiency horn system which uses an all-wood 300 HTZ radial tractrix horn coupled with a beryllium-fitted compression driver, two 15” woofers (one firing to the front, the other to the floor), a 4” beryllium diaphragm loaded into a field coil compression driver and finally a super tweeter to add air. In addition, their system used small Atmosphere OTL’s and an Airtight PC-1 in a Triplanar tonearm on a Kuzma Reference turntable. The sound was anything but bright or aggressive, yet revealed a significant level of detail. In addition, as one might expect of horns of this caliber, dynamics were superb. Unlike many horns which I have heard, there was no localization of the sound on the drivers. The speakers created a very wide soundstage with well defined images; however, in this room, there was little depth.

Evolution Acoustics

Of the many systems which I heard at the show, this is one of the very few that I would consider owning exactly as it was set up. Jonathon Tinn is closely associated with each of these products and assembled a system that was clearly greater than the sum of its parts. Every component represented something very special from a musical perspective.

The Evolution Acoustics MM Two speakers, while not their most expensive, were ideally suited to the room size and truly full-range. The powered bass driver integrated seamlessly with the ceramic midrange and the ribbon tweeter. The ability to separately adjust the level of each driver also helped minimize detrimental room interactions. I am not usually fond of ribbon tweeters or ceramic drivers; however, any resonances that might mar the sonics of these drivers were carefully controlled and inaudible. Imaging was excellent, as were dynamics and tonal balance. The amp was the Dartzeel integrated which is beautifully designed and constructed. Digital was provided by the Playback Designs MPS-5. Analog was handled by a 30-year-old reel-to-reel which had been lovingly restored.

The sound of the combination was stunning. The best way to describe the sound of this system would be to think of the sound of Quad 57’s partnered with tube electronics but with real bass, extension at the top, dynamics and clarity. The sound was sweet and extended but with excellent slam. Male voice was rich, sonorous and harmonically right. Transients and low-level detail were also excellent.

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