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2011 CES Show Report III

Naim Audio, Dan D'Agostino System, Boulder, Peak Consult, Soulsonic, Solos Audio, Chapman Audio Systems, EARO High Definition Audio, Ayon Audio/Legacy Audio

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Peak Consult

Peak Consult at CES 2011

One of the most gripping performances of any system at both shows belonged to the that comprised of the following components: Stahl-Tek CDT Transport ($30,000) and Vekian D/A using I2S connection ($25,000), Mach2 Music modified Mac Mini computer ($3,000) running Almarra Digital Music software, Vitus SL-010 Preamplifier ($30,000) with SM-010 Monoblock Amplifiers ($60,000/pr), Purist Audio Design new 25th Anniversary Interconnects and Speaker Cables (suite approx. $85,000), Peak Consult Dragon Speakers, Symposium Isis rack ($6,000) and Michael Green room treatments – found in many of the show’s rooms.

This system was one of very few with both extreme clarity and tonal richness of a caliber I would expect in a reference rig. The Purist Audio Design cabling was obviously not holding back performance of any components. These cables were also used effectively in the Wavac system room. I place this system and speakers in the top five of both shows.

Peak Consult at CES 2011


Soulsonic at CES 2011

The most eclectic system award might go to the Soulsonic Speakers room, which had components ranging from the ($100,000/pr) Impulse speakers to the modest Eastern Electric Minimax DAC ($750). Other elements of the system were: Toshiba laptop playing FLAC 44.1 files, M2 Tech USB to BNC Converter, what appears to be a DIY Aspen Amplifier based Naska unit (price undetermined) and an assortment of cabling.

Soulsonic strikes me as a startup company getting its footing at the show. The system had a high degree of variance in components and this may have contributed to my sense that though the speakers sounded enormous and open, as expected, I desired some additional coherence between the array of bass drivers and ribbon driver. I think the speakers have a great degree of potential on reserve and with consistent amplification would acquit themselves better. I’ll give a break to Miro Krajnc, Designer and Director of Soulsonic, as he faced serious challenges prior to the show, among them the complete destruction of one of the $65,000/pr Wave speakers literally hours before the show. With time and another go round this speaker system might jump substantially in terms of ‘wow factor’.

Soulsonic at CES 2011

Soulsonic at CES 2011

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