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2016 T.H.E. Show Newport Beach Report, Part 4

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There were lots of things at the Newport show that were just plain fun! I want to share just a few of them. The first two pictures are from the Burwell & Sons room. As I was wondering around on press day, I saw this sign in the hall and I told my son, “this has to be the Burwell & Sons room.” I was right.

Burwell & Sons “Mother of Burl”

Burwell speaker

While most part of this report is just about fun, I should mention that this was the best I had ever heard the Burwell & Sons speakers sounded. This was the newest version of their “Mother of Burl” three way speaker. If you look at the picture, you will see the new JBL tweeter that is mounted inside the woofer cabinet. They were being driven by an integrated amp from Raven. All the cabling was from High Fidelity Cables. This room is always a lot of fun at every show, but it was a lot more than fun this year. I heard them several times, and it was in the running for best sound at the show.


Paintings in the Lobby

There were lots of fun things in the Lobby, starting with these beautiful paints of musicians and singers. These were the only thing at the show that my wife wanted to bring home. Then there were the cars.


The McLaren with the Burmeister audio system was interesting. They had the doors open and the audio system playing. This gave me a thought. Maybe someone could build a really nice listening room garage and put the McLaren in there and open the doors and listen to the car for their sound system. Well, just a thought.


This great old race car has the best license plate ever, don’t you think?


Another area of this show that was great fun was round back. There was music, displays, audio university, cars and food trucks!


Positive Feedback room


NFS Room

There were the two rooms that were set up just for fun and relaxation. The Positive Feedback room had a completely tricked out Lampizator playing Quad DSD over a pair of the little  Evolution Acoustics MicroOne speakers. They were driven by an integrated amp from darTZeel. The room was a great place to sit, visit and rest from the incredibly loud sounds of the show and hear some beautiful music. I don’t really know what to say about the NFS room except it was fun and very close to a total sensory experience.


JBL Project K2

Then, last but not least was my favorite find of the weekend. I walked into one of the JBL rooms and found a rear silhouette of myself. I swear, from the door the speaker looked like a large man in a black shirt and black hat from the rear view. They were JBL’s $65,000 Project K2 horn-loaded speakers. Despite my bit of fun over their looks, without a doubt, these were the best sounding JBL speakers I have heard at an audio show.

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2 Responses to 2016 T.H.E. Show Newport Beach Report, Part 4

  1. Bill Denton says:

    These JBL speakers remind me of a gun range target!

    • Merryl Jaye says:

      Hi Bill….This is Merryl Jaye….the artist that painted all those wonderful musicians…So tell your wife, Im here for the getting!… go to “Jazz Portraits” and “Legends”….Thanks for the shot……….Regards

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