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2023 California Audio Show – Lotus Group system details

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Lotus Group system details

Room: 12th Floor Parlor Room 1211

System details:

Electronics from SW1X of England

SW1X cable system
SW1X DAC IV Special
SW1X Level III Balanced Phono Stage
SW1X Titan DHT SET integrated amplifier
SW1X VDT IV Special Digital Source

Wolf von Langa London field-coil loudspeakers, $59,995/pair
– full-range field-coil two-way dipole main driver, dual 15-inch field-coil dipole bass drivers.

Pranawire cables and accessories

Pranawire cable system
Pranawire Interceptor Ground Conditioners
Pranawire Linebacker In-Line Passive Power Filters
Pranawire Vault Ground Conditioner

Acoustic Science Corp. IsoThermal Tube Traps

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