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2nd California Audio Show: Countdown, Part 2 – Seminars

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Audiophile community recognizes the name Dan D’Agostino right away, because many of us bought his Krell amplifiers in the past. Dan will be exhibiting in the Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems suite, room 313, which is the King’s Suite on 3rd floor right outside the elevator lobby. I have wanted to see his Momentum monoblock amplifiers for the longest of time since its introduction this January, and my wish is coming true. I am sure I am not the only one wishing for this. Dan will also be chairing a Seminar in the Lobby level Peninsula Ballroom II + III, on Friday, 3-4pm, and Saturday, 5-6pm. There are things you can miss, but not this. How often do you get to hear Dan speak in public, much less taking questions? This will be an event to remember.

The same venue will also be hosting several other seminars. Acoustic Science Corporation founder Art Noxon will chair the ASC Seminar from 9am to 10 am Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The ASC Tube Trap™ has been the trusted acoustic treatment method for the entire industry for over two decades. Whether it is the professional recording studios or private sound rooms, many of them have utilized and proudly displayed the ASC Tube Trap in their establishment on magazines. Even your CAS Exhibitors are using the product! If you have been wanting to understand the science and particulars of the famed ASC Tube Trap™, don’t miss this rare opportunity. There will be a short autograph signing session during wrap-up.

Bruce Brisson, founder and chief engineer of MIT Cables will be joined by industry luminaries such as Prof. Keith Johnson (Spectral Audio, Reference Recordings), Leslie Ann Jones (Sound Engineer, Skywalker Sound), Aaron Reiff (Engineer/Consultant) and Bob Hodas (Bob Hodas Acoustical Analysis, room 330) for the presentation titled, The Past, Present and Future of High Resolution Audio on Saturday and Sunday, from 3pm to 5pm. Ever witnessed a panel of sound engineers talk shop? Maybe you have. But have you ever been in a 2-hour seminar with the sound engineers talking shop?! These are the top minds in the industry. Each chain in the music making process, from recording, mastering to playback of high resolution audio in both the analog and digital domains will be explained and answered. Think you know everything already? Come anyway. How often do you get to see these figures exchange comments among themselves?

To learn more about The Past, Present and Future of High Resolution Audio, please visit

Also taking place on Saturday and Sunday, between 1pm and 3pm, are the Blue Coast Records seminars in partnership with the Sony Super Audio Center. The title is DSD-Then, Now and Tomorrow. If you have been following the news and trends lately, you know many companies and audiophiles are vying for the online music download venue for content delivery. Put Blue Coast Records, which houses a considerable vault of its high-resolution music files online, together with Sony Super Audio Center, which produces the DSD music format, and you have a combined resources of such capacity and integrity as none other in the industry to reckon with.

All seminars are included at no additional charge to the attendees as part of your 3-Day Pass. Seats are limited.

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