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2nd California Audio Show: Countdown, Part 4

Exhibit Systems - Audio Image Ltd. (Lobby Bayside), Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems (313), Audio Vision San Francisco (Cypress III, Suite 101, 102)

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This just in: Bay Area dealer Audio Image Ltd. (Emeryville, CA) in Lobby Bayside Room will debut the brand-new Audio Research Ref 250 monoblock amplifiers. Priced at $26,000 the pair, these amplifiers are not even on AR’s website yet, and the first production pair is due to arrive next Monday at the dealership. According to Bob Kehn, president of Audio Image Ltd., the amplifiers are so new that AIL is the first company to receive them, and you get to hear them before the rest of the country does.

The rest of Bob’s system includes the following:
Magico Q3 speakers
Audio Research Ref Anniversary Preamp
Audio Research Ref Phono 2 phonostage
Audio Research Ref CD8 player
Accuphase DP-700 SACD player
TransRotor Orfeo turntable
Graham Phantom arm
Air Tight PC-1 cartridge
MIT Oracle MA-X cables
MIT Oracle Z-III power cables
Audience Adept Response R-6 Teflon power conditioner
Rix Rax Grand HooDoo
Billy Bags racks and amp stands

Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems will be in King’s Suite Room 313, right outside the elevator lobby on the 3rd Floor. In addition to chairing two Seminars (Friday 3p-4p, Saturday, 4p-5p, Lobby Peninsula Ballroom II + III), Dan will demo his Momentum monaural amplifiers with the Meridian 808.3 CD player/preamp and Transparent cable system.

San Francisco downtown dealer Audio Vision San Francisco is putting its systems into 4 rooms! All on the Lobby level! They are Cypress III, Suite 101, Suite 102-A, Suite 102-B. I am sure you have seen the Audio Vision SF at CAS centerfold in TAS this month. Here are the system details.

Cypress III:
Naim 250 power amp
Naim 282 preamp
Naim Hi-Cap Power Supply
Naim HDX Music Server & XPS Power Supply
Naim Unity ALL-IN-ONE
Naim Fraim Equipment Support
Naim Superline Phono Stage
Clearaudio Performance Turntable
Clearaudio Talismann Cartridge
Nordost Brahma & Vishnu Power Chords
Nordost Leif Red Dawn Speaker Cable
Nordost Quantum Power
Nordost Frey Interconnect & Speaker Cable
Nordost Sort Resonance Control
Nola Micro Grand Loudspeakers
Nola Contender Loudspeakers

Suite 101:
Devialet D-Premier Integrated Amp
Crystal Speaker
Digital & Power Cables
Kef Reference 201/2 Loudspeakers in Custom Color
Kef Reference Loudspeaker Stands

Suite 102-A:
Simaudio Moon 600i Integrated Amp
Simaudio Moon 650D CD Player/DAC
Shunyata Python Interconnect & Speaker Cable
Shunyata Triton Power & Power Cables
Dynaudio C1 Signature Edition speakers
Quadraspire Sunoko Vent-T Equipment Support

Suite 102-B:
PrimaLuna Dialogue Three Pre Amp
PrimaLuna Dialogue Six Mono Block Power Amps
PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Integrated Amp
Clearaudio Concept Turntable
Clearaudio Aurum Beta-S Cartridge
Clearaudio Smart Phono Stage
Anthony Classico Loudspeakers
Cardas Clear Light Interconnect & Speaker Cable
Quadraspire Q4 Evo Equipment Supports

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