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ADL by Furutech releases the H118 Headphones

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ADL by Furutech H118 headphones

ADL by Furutech announces the release of their H118 Headphones. Making their official debut at CES 2013 along with a prototype Alpha Design Labs X1 portable headphone amplifier.

The ADL H118 high-end headphones offer audiophiles the opportunity to hear all the details that bring music to life, in a close and intimate setting. While the intimacy of headphones is wonderful, headphones themselves, even the best sounding and most expensive ones, can become uncomfortable to wear over extended periods of time. Furutech’s solution to this problem is a flared headband and tapered, over-the-ear transducers. Furutech claims they are supremely comfortable and says that many listeners at CES 2013 commented immediately on the H118’s high level of comfort. But Furutech didn’t forget about the ultimate audiophile goal, pure unadulterated music. Furutech designed the H118 headphones to reveal rich and uncolored tonal textures along with harmonic interplays, against the large space of a quiet background. Now shipping for $299.

X1 USB DAC by Furutech

Also at CES 2013 Furutech showed off the prototype X1 USB DAC. It is small, has a long lasting Li-ion battery, and uses discrete and highly specified inputs that support Apple’s iOS and Andriod devices. Up to 16/48 sampling for iPods, iPhones and iPads. The X1 also plays back 24/192 SPDIF with high-resolution files from your PC. 4-pin 3.5mm input and output for auxiliary devices and headphones that support remotes and microphones. And there is more, the X1 also sports a 3.5mm TOSLINK optical output that delivers SPDIF up to 24/192. While the Li-ion batter would have power issues with high impedance headphones, this X1 should have no problem delivering high-definition music to top end earbuds while you are on the go, or working at your desk. No price or shipping date announced for the portable X1 USB DAC.

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