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AKFest 09 Coverage 8

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Brian Smith of AudioNoteKits has been offering affordable AN solutions to audiophiles for many years, and recently he relaunched his website with more new product information. Products at Audio Note Kit are fabricated in Canada where labor is relatively affordable, plus the fact that you do the final assembly yourself, hence the lower costs of their products.

Brian: “AudioNoteKits has carried on the AudioNote DIY tradition by taking the original AudioNote Kit products and having a full time business unit focused on enhancing and developing new products for the high-end audio kit marketplace.

When AudioNoteKits business group launched 5 years ago, we took over the development of the Kit1 300B amplifier and the original DAC1.1. Both products have gone under many transformations and the product line has expanded enormously to include a whole range of integrated and power amplifiers along with DAC’s , phono stages, step-ups and transformer coupled pre-amps! Heck you can even buy the Audio Note speakers in kit form with our finely made cabinets which are a steal for 800$.

Today, AudioNotekits works with Audio Note UK at the engineering level regularly and continue to develop exciting new products such as Andy Grove’s new EL34 35W Power amplifier and 70W Mono Block — coming soon! Check out the source of high- end Audio Note DIY products at to see the entire product line.

Feel free to tweak up!”

As consistent with all things Audio Note, a sense of ease permeated the presentations. This is certainly a good time to conserve your finances by checking out these very affordable products. The things is, once you get on this bandwagon, you might not feel necessary to get off even when the economy has turned around.

Speaker Kit 02: 94dB/8Ω, $2,000 per pair, including cabinet►
Upcoming: Kit 03: $3,500 including cabinet.

▼Kit 1 5th New Anniversary
DAC 2.1, level B ($1,699)▼

▼Left: L4 EL34 power amplifier ($2,050). Right: L3 line preamp, transformer coupled ($1,999)

▼The Lenco transcription table that Gary wrote about in Coverage IV.

Via the Manley Labs Jumbo Shrimp preamp ($2,300), Snapper monoblock power amplifiers ($4,250/pair, 100wpc) and a Bel Canto CD 2, the Gershman Acoustics Sonogram loudspeakers ($3,700/pair, 88dB/8Ω) exhibited a top-end smoothness that was pleasant without losing definition, a feat not commonly experienced. The Gershman was not prone to producing big and powerful bottom-end under the Manley Labs, although I was pleasantly surprised from time to time by the deep double-bass. Interesting.

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