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Akiko Audio Introduces its successor to the best power cable: the Aerostar FI-50

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Akiko Audio believes the importance of a good power supply cannot be stressed enough: “That’s why took another critical look at and where possible improved the top range of our power cables: the Aerostar.” Says Marc van Berlo, co-owner of this Dutch company.

According to Akiko Audio, the quality of the silver plating has been improved, and a ‘filament’ system which is also used by Nordost, among other elements, is incorporated to achieve maximum isolation. This process ensures each conductor is ‘hung up’ in a tube to reach as much as 90 % air isolation.

The Furutech FI-50 connectors are used to minimize interfering micro vibrations.

From the company: “The Akiko Audio Powercord Aerostar FI-50; built for the enthusiast who takes his hobby serious and settles for no less than the best.”

Akiko Audio offers an international 14 days money back guarantee.

Aerostar-FI-50. Aerostar-FI-50-2

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