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Analog Manufaktur Germany (AMG) introduces Viella Forte turntable

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Viella Forte 12 Turbo turntable including 12JT tonearm $30,000
Viella Forte Engraved 12 Turbo turntable including 12JT $32,000

Analog Manufaktur Germany introduces the Viella Forte turntable, the “super” version of our famous Viella.

Machined in our Bavarian factory, the Forte incorporates the same platter bearing design, decoupled spindle, Lorenzi hand-built brushless DC motor, visual form and footprint of our highly regarded Viella.

The AMG design team focused on mass, rigidity, and refinement to create the Forte, resulting in increased macro-dynamics, more inner detail, larger-scaled presentation, and greater effortlessness.

Utilizing new materials and machining techniques, the Forte features a new plinth, platter, platter clamp, arm base, updated drive electronics, new power supply design and power supply housing.

Viella with 12J2 on left compared to Viella Forte with 12JT on the right.

Forte Plinth – CNC milled from solid aluminum billet, 70 mm thick and 23 kg weight (+280% larger than the standard Viella plinth at 25 mm thick and 8 kg). Platter bearing housing, motor housing, and feet directly machined from 70 mm aluminum billet provides higher rigidity and mass damping.

Massive Viella Forte plinth with engraving during CNC machining

Forte Platter – CNC machined in house using aircraft-grade aluminum with decoupled spindle. Taller at 87 mm with a thicker inlaid PVC machined platter mat for a total weight of 14 kg (+120% larger than standard Viella platter at 72 mm and 11 kg).

Forte Clamp – New silhouette with larger shape, higher mass, and enhanced ergonomics. CNC machined in house using aircraft-grade aluminum and POM.

Forte Arm Base – CNC machined in house using aircraft-grade aluminum cylindrical stock, 35 mm bigger diameter and taller by 15 mm (+130% larger than standard Viella arm base).

Viella Forte with same visual form and footprint of standard Viella

Forte Drive Electronics – enhanced circuitry for faster start-up with larger Forte platter, mounted within mass-damped solid plinth.

Forte Power Supply – CNC milled from solid aluminum billet to echo the Viella shape. New toroidal transformer, additional voltage filtering for increased isolation from mains line fluctuations, and LED indicator for proper mains plug polarity.


Viella Forte Power Supply chassis

The Viella Forte is available in both black anodized and a special Engraved version featuring a CNC machined geometric pattern and includes the AMG 12JT Turbo 12” tonearm.

AMG offers upgrade programs for existing Viella owners to purchase the Viella Forte complete with 12JT Turbo tonearm or just the Forte turntable if they already own the12JT arm.

AMG offers upgrade kits to existing Viella owners to add the Forte platter, clamp and Power Supply.

Anticipated availability is 3Q 2019.

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